Renna's Discoveries: The Beauty of Prestige Flowers

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Beauty of Prestige Flowers

Who doesn't like flowers ? I love them, always have. My garden is just coming into flower now and it's very exciting. I also like to have flowers in the house too. They brighten up any room and can really make you feel relaxed and happy at home.
Because I love flowers so much Prestige Flowers sent me a Lomond Bouquet to get my opinion on it....and quite frankly, I thought it was Amazing !!
This is the Medium Bouquet and it includes beautiful sorbet roses, germini flowers and shamrock blooms. It is an absolutely stunning display and has a gorgeous smell.

Let me take you through the unboxing and presenting of the flowers.
The box is very secure and easy to handle.
As soon as you open the box you are presented with a gorgeous smell and a tease of the bouquet.

As you pull the the flowers out, they are in a black bag wrapped in a double layered patterned grey paper.

This is all you get, with regards to paper and leaflets and thought this was brilliant, as it was all relevant to my flowers. Chocolates to nibble on - and these are also delicious !!! 
I had a vase in my box which is a lovely touch as then I didn't have to go searching for one in my house that was the perfect size. Its very safely wrapped too.

Then as you unwrap the flowers, you'll notice they are secure in a water based bag. There is no water, no spillage, its perfect and it keeps the flowers moist for the time of their travels.

Here they are in their final resting place. Gorgeous !! I love them.

The Lomond is part of Prestige New Luxury Flowers collection and it is only £34.99 as a standard size, then its an extra £5.00 for a medium and then an extra £10.00 for a large. I also had the extra Clear Vase at an extra £5.99.
You can include a teddy bear, balloons, wine, chocolates and champagne all from £4.99 up to £34.99.

Price wise, for flowers, I thought this was on par with other flower delivery companies, and Prestige Flowers do have some amazing deals, so always check for the offers if you have a lower budget, as there are bouquets from £14.99

You must have a look at their website as they have the most beautiful displays, I already have a few in mind for friends and family as gifts. You can also, order a bespoke bouquet of your favourite colour and there are plants too. So there really is something for everyone.

I do also think that for weddings, you could just order a few flower displays, and there you have your center pieces all done, and they also have button hole flowers for the grooms men and corsages for the bridesmaids and prom girls.

I personally would highly recommend Prestige Flowers. They were beautifully presented and in the safest possible way. My flowers were perfect on delivery and I would say that you'll get 7 really good days out of them. They deliver to all over the UK and abroad.