Renna's Discoveries: Tails.Com Dog Food Delivered Straight To Your Door !!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Tails.Com Dog Food Delivered Straight To Your Door !!

I have two amazing little rescue dogs who have been a part of our lives for just over a year now. They have changed our lives so much, more than I ever thought. They have brought joy, love and plenty of energy with them. We all adore them, and because they are so special, I feel the need to make sure they eat the best.
My dogs have tried many brands and different types of canned food, as well as fresh meat and offal (hearts, livers and kidneys). I will basically make my own up if I have plenty of offal, as I'll boil it up with rice and chopped vegetables, which they absolutely love. However, this is a treat for them. 
If I have canned food, they are not always very keen, which is why I have tried different brands. 
So after a year, I pretty much have it sorted. They don't like the canned foods with loads of gravy, they prefer the chunks. They do like pate, but, I don't think it agrees with their bellies very well. Of course, they love anything fresh, but what dog wouldn't. 
One struggle I've really had is with dry food. Some brands they'll eat with ease but....oh my goodness, the farts can literally blow you out of the room. They stink !! and other brands, they just wont touch. So with this in mind, I agreed to try out Tails.Com which is a tailor made delivery service just for dogs. 
My doggies are two out of a litter of five. They are all very different, so they have characteristics of different breeds. However, one of mine....Rosie.....the white one has so much energy when we go out for walks, she just runs and runs and doesn't stop until she has to. She uses up a lot of energy whereas her brother is more of a relaxed walker. He'll run around but he will never use up as much energy as she does. So I thought it would be best to try her on the Tails.Com food as she is more fussy than my boy. 
When you go onto the Tails.Com website, you need to sign in and register and answer a quick two minute questionnaire to find out more about the dog and what kind of food would best suit them. 
I love this, as all dogs really are different, they all eat different amounts and burn it off in different ways. Rosie can run non stop for an hour, whereas my boy would have to walk at least three hours to do the same distance. So Rosie's food is uniquely designed just for her and her energy.
I'm going to show you the delivery to the food now. 
On my questionnaire I have to state the date of when I want it delivered and where it can be left if I am not in, so when I returned from an outing, my box was safe in my porch area, exactly as instructed.
They also, send you update emails to say that your food is almost ready for delivery, so you know exactly when it is coming.
 It is packaged really nicely, and although the box looked big, it is very light and when I saw the size of the bag, it made sense !!
Straight away, the feel of tailor made is very apparent.
 Rosies plan is all written down for you with all the details that you offered in the original questionnaire. So it is important to fill that in correctly so you get the perfect mix for your dog. I really like this leaflet, as I know exactly what Rosie is eating and that it will give her everything she needs for the amount of energy she uses up every day.

 Look, even her bag has her name on it, as well as the scoop.
 When I saw this bit of plastic, I was completely baffled and had the scratch my head a few times to try and work out what on earth it was. When I opened the dog food bag and realised there was no scoop....and then it finally clicked when I re-read Rosie's feeding plan. Then I thought it was a genius idea. We make our own scoops so we feed the dogs the correct amount according to their size !!!
 Here is the food. As you can see, it is clearly a different mix of foods blended together. It smells good, as its not over powering and the nibbles are a good size for little mouths too. Big crunch and little crunch for a variety.
 As soon as I opened the bag and took a scoop out for a photo Rosie was straight over !! She wanted to eat it straight out the scoop. So it clearly smelt really good to her.
 I insisted she use a bowl (well actually these are the dishes that baked Camembert come with - as they are the perfect little dish for my doggies and clean easily in the dishwasher !!) . I know that I was supposed to gradually introduce foods to her , but, she wanted it, so she ate the LOT and very quickly I might add. She loved it.
 The scoop is also designed to just clip over teh top of the bag too.
 Yum yum yum !!!
 Well it didn't last long. She clearly enjoyed it and has enjoyed it ever since. So much so that I will definitely be continuing with Tails.Com as for her, it is great value for money and the convenience of it all is worth it too. Obviously every dog price will differ on the size of the dog and how much they need, but price wise, it really isn't much difference from the super markets, and this will not be wasted.
Do try Tails.Com for your dogs as I personally do think its worth it. You are more than welcome to use my code RENNASDISCOVERIES for a two week trial with just £1 delivery fee. 
They also have wet food as well, if you prefer to mix it up a bit. 
Have a look at their website for more details or click below.