Renna's Discoveries: Gravity Force Trampoline Park in St Albans Review

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Gravity Force Trampoline Park in St Albans Review

Last Tuesday myself and the kiddies went to the bloggers launch of the new Gravity Force in St Albans. It is a trampoline park of pure awesomeness. It has loads of trampolines that all join together so you can literally bounce from one end of the hall to another. they have different size trampolines and different lengths and they also have them at an angel so you can bounce from the walls. It is truely amazing and I really can not wait to go again. I've always loved trampolining, and it's great exercise too.

 They have trampolines for all stages so if you are a complete beginner this is fine and you can go and just bounce, or they have the longer trampolines for stunts and dodgeball games.
As you walk in, you are greeted by a nice reception area with very friendly staff. They check you in and you can speak to them about hiring a locker too.
You must get their funky socks !! We loved ours and will definitely be taking these with us when we next go. They have special grippy bottoms so there are absolutely no accidents whilst wearing them anywhere in the hall.

 Once we were ready, we all had to go and watch a safety video of how to bounce and where to bounce and what the safety rules are of the park. I liked this as then the children....and adults can all enjoy themselves without worrying. There are rules for a reason and if you ignore these rules you're out, its as simple as that, and I agree wholeheartedly with this, as I want to know that my children are safe whilst they are having fun.

 All the yellow trampolines are for your stunts, so you have to bounce the whole way and then lift yourself to bounce off the wall. This is really fun and it was nice to able to try all of the trampolines.
 Here we have trampolining basket ball which we laughed at so much, we couldn't concentrate in the end. Its harder than it looks.
 Here is the foam pit. The kids all loved this, as there are three different heights to jump from into the foam.

 Here you can see the wave trampoline which felt really strange to bounce on, but I can see how it could be beneficial for some great stunts.
Once we had finished our session, we went up to the cafe area, which is huge !!! The cafe station itself is very small, so expect queues, but there are loads of tables. Price wise, I thought it was fairly reasonable.
 We all loved Gravity Force and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. This is going to be the new place for parties, so get yourself booked in way in advance as they are going to get really busy soon. Otherwise, a voucher would be a wonderful gift for anyone and its always a great way to encourage fun whilst exercising and learning a new skill.
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