Renna's Discoveries: My July Foodies100 Ranking

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

My July Foodies100 Ranking

I am a very happy lady today, as I just realised that my Foodies100 UK Food Blogs had changed and had included the words - TOP 500 !! Woohoo !!!

So I thought I would log in and have just seen my actual ranking is at 354. This is huge for me, as I have really tried to get to top 500 again since last year.  It is very difficult staying within the 500 as the competition is fierce out there. So to be less than 400 is a big step for me and I wanted to share it before it falls again next month. 

If you are a Food Blogger, do make sure you sign up as it is a very informative site and can come in very useful. 

It is also a good place to get blogging opportunities and to get blogging tips.