Renna's Discoveries: Rejuvenation Water

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Rejuvenation Water

My goodness its been hot, and when its hot we all need really refreshing drinks. Obviously the best refreshing drink to have is Water, but not everyone likes to drink water so we have alternatives.
I asked to taste some drinks that I had seen on social media as they seemed like a super healthy alternative. Plus, I have to say that I really like the logo and the design of the label.

Rejuvenation Water - It is 100% natural, low in natural sugar, vegan friendly and its enriched with amino acids Glutamine.

Now, after reading about Glutamine, this drink is super super healthy and it is really good for everyone. Whether you are ill or fit and healthy, the extra glutamine will really benefit you. It is great for the immune system and will really help out with any side effects of treatments or illnesses, as well help with your mental well being. The best time to drink these drinks is in the morning, however, obviously they can drunk at any time of the day. They also say that if you drink this before and after alcohol consumption it should aid in hangover prevention.

Rejuvenation Water comes in three different flavours at present : Apple & Mint, Ginger & Lime, and Spanish Orange.

I have tried these with several people and I have to say that all of these drinks were very very popular. We all have our favourite but, we all liked all of them.

Everyone liked the Spanish Orange. It is a very fresh sweet orange drink, but with a natural flavour. This is way better than any squash or orange flavoured drink. The Apple & Mint was a very close second favourite. This is a very subtle flavour but I loved it. I like mint anyway, and the apple with it was really delicious. My personal least favourite but.... I would drink it anyway is the Ginger & Lime. I found the lime very strong however, my friends really loved this.

These are drinks that I would have in the morning, or as a refreshing drink after a workout or on a sunny day. Infact, I would probably just drink these whenever, wherever, every day.  They really are delicious and you must try them if you come across them !!!