Renna's Discoveries: Why are Electrolytes so good for you ?

Monday, August 15, 2016

Why are Electrolytes so good for you ?

Most people will probably say - What are Electrolytes ?? I certainly did.
I wasn't even sure how to explain it in a simple way, however, its a way to stay hydrated throughout your workouts and just in your general lifestyle too. So it really is something everyone can use and it will benefit everyone too. Water is obviously the best way to stay hydrated, but, a little bit of extra help is always a huge bonus. Now you can buy electrolytes in concentrate form so you can add it to water and plenty of other drinks that you love. I can also bet that most of our Olympians that are currently working really hard and have been all year with their training have been using Electrolytes to keep them healthy and help push them further.
elete Electrolyte contains all four of the key electrolytes : Magnesium, Potassium, Chloride and Sodium, all in an ionically charged form. If this is used daily, it can increase your stamina, less cramping, better concentration, reduced anxiety, and quicker muscle recovery after a workout or injury.
This is a very easy product to use, as you very simply just add a few drops to a drink or smoothie, or make up your own electrolyte water with either half a cap of liquid for a half litre bottle or a full cap for a litre bottle. So now you have your very own isotonic refreshing drink without any added sugars or extra chemicals or flavourings that you would find in a sports recovery drink.
 I personally like to make up my own drinks, so I've been adding drops to either my smoothies or fruit infused waters.
Just add it to water and leave in the fridge for after a workout or during a walk in the woods with the kids. This will improved your hydration by 40%, now that's huge and worth buying into if you ask me.
 I like to add fruit to my water to add some extra flavour and goodness. This one has frozen pineapple pieces in it and its really delicious and very refreshing on hot days.
 I've also added it to my smoothies with coconut water or with my protein shakes or matcha tea drinks. So literally can be added to any drink you enjoy, and it gives you that extra boost. At first I wasn't really sure if I could feel any difference, but the more I read up on it, the more I realised that actually it has benefited me greatly.

My stamina has actually improved as I can now run further than before, now this could be because I'm working hard or because I have that bit of extra help. Also when I'm tired, drinking this really does improve my concentration. I seem to get things done quicker in the house and I could exercise longer than I use to. I've even started doing 5km on the exercise bike a few nights in the week. I know its not long, but before I just found it quite boring so I stopped after 1km and now I've worked it up to 5km with ease. Next month I'll increase the distance even further to 8km and then to 10km, and hey, you never know I might even increase it to 20km. (Wishful thinking but its a good goal to have)

I really does sound crazy, but, yes, it works !!!

It is excellent value when you compare with ready made drinks for you and you can use it as you wish. As they come in small bottles, you can carry them with you wherever you go and just add a few drops to any drink you have.