Renna's Discoveries: Yutaka Sushi Kit for 2 - Lets cook healthy food together !!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Yutaka Sushi Kit for 2 - Lets cook healthy food together !!

I love Sushi, always have. It is incredibly healthy and is also quite filling. It is also a fun to make your own.
Now just to get one thing straight, although people say sushi is raw fish - it is actually smoked fish most of the time, so its perfectly fine to eat. A lot of English sushi uses smoked salmon, smoked trout, tuna or prawns, and you can also have vegetarian options using eggs, and vegetables.
Sushi is the vinegard rice that the fish or vegetables are wrapped in with a Nori Sheet or used to make Nigiri whereas sushimi is just the fish.
Now in Japan, they do actually use raw fish in some of their restaurants, so it is true, but in England, it is made to suit our palates.
Sushi is such a delight to look at. It has to be one of the most prettiest dishes to look at. With all the colours and swirls of different ingredients. The fish is sliced in a special way which is why it is also very expensive, this is due to the labour that goes into the dishes and the skills of the knife.
Now, as I said, it is also fun to do at home if you fancy a challenge. Its great to do in a group, with the kids, or just as a cooking night with the other half.
I was sent Yutakas Sushi Kit for 2 to try. Now, we have actually made sushi in the past (ok years ago, so we are out of practice - so bear with us) and I have quite a few ingredients in my cupboards, but this kit has everything you need, apart from the fish and vegetables.
 The kit includes : 1 recipe, 1 boil in the bag sushi rice, 1 sushi seasoning, 2 Nori sheets, 1 rolling mat, 50g ginger, soy sauce, and wasabi paste.

My first impression was that - there is NO room for error. With only two Nori Sheets, you've got to get it right. So, I would buy extras if you have never done this before. There is also a lot of ginger. Luckily, we like ginger, but many do not, so this would be a waste. However, you really do have everything you need.

 So, first things first, get the rice ready, as this takes quite a while.

 Once the rice has cooled, add the vinegar to make it sticky.
 Whilst the rice is cooking and resting, you can get your fillings ready. So we made up some tuna mayonnaise (as I had no salmon or prawns at this time) and sliced up some avocado, cucumbers and yellow peppers. You could literally add anything you like to sushi though, as its your dish, so whatever you fancy really.

 Lay your mat out flat, and place a Nori Sheet on top. Cover the Nori Sheet with rice and put your extra ingredients in a line in the centre or near the edge - its up to you. Everyone does it differently. Just don't put too much in as it makes it difficult to roll ( as we found out, which was a good reminder for us)

 The Hubs tried to roll it and then realised he over filled it.

 And then roll !!! Yes, it does look difficult, but, it really isn't. You can do it !!
 So we had a really fat one and then decided to do smaller ones.

 Once you have your rolls, it is best to put them in the fridge for a while if you can wait, or if you're like us, just slice it. But it does slice better cold. Slice them in any thickness you like.
 Get your ginger and wasabi out and dip and enjoy !!!
I like putting ginger on top of my sushi bites, however, you can put ginger inside the sushi and even spread a little wasabi on the rice.
 Buy yours now from any supermarket and challenge yourself. Its a fun healthy dinner or snack !!

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