Renna's Discoveries: Jadu Tea - London - Luxury Tea at its Best!!

Monday, September 05, 2016

Jadu Tea - London - Luxury Tea at its Best!!

Tea !! Who doesn't like Tea ??
I've come across some wonderful tea companies and brands this year, so I'm going to share them with you. This post is all about Jadu Tea.
This is high quality luxury tea at its best. Jadu actually means Magic in ancient Sanskrit so their mission is supply you with a bit of magic every time you drink their teas. They are based in London UK, however they have travelled the world to bring us the best teas and blended teas. They have plenty to choose from and they supply loose leaf tea and bagged tea, so depending on your choice of tea, its completely up to you how you wish to serve it. 
These are also beautiful gifts, as the way they are presented is almost too good to be true. They use a royal blue sueded embossed box which is just stunning and is way too pretty to store away in a cupboard. This box needs to be on your kitchen work top for all to see it. Or of course on your tea shop shelves. They are sold in different boxes, so you can get the plain boxes or luxury boxes, or even bags, its nice to have a choice. This is also a great way of trying different teas. So when you've decided on your favourites, you can buy them all in the blue presentation boxes and then just keep buying the refills if you wish.
Just look at this !!! Wow !! You would never think it was tea !

They have many different blends of white tea, black tea, oolong tea, herbal tea, fruit teas, rooibos blends and green tea. They have been sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. The herbs and fruits are from Europe, and all the blending takes places in the UK. A huge bonus is that you can actually drink Jadu Tea hot or cold so you have the option of making your own iced tea as well as relaxing on the sofa with a hot posh cuppa.
Here is how the Sueded Box is wrapped !!
The bags are all tied with a beautiful gold ribbon to match the logo colour.

All the different teas have their own instructions and ingredients list. However the recommended way to serve your tea is at 80c and infuse 3gs to every 200ml of water and leave for 2 minutes. Some teas they recommend with milk and many without, although, its up to you.
Heres a list of some of their teas:
Black Tea - English Breakfast, Mademoiselle Grey, Darjeeling First Flush
Green, White & Oolong Teas - China Green, White Mango Lime, Spa Afternoon
Rooibos Tea - Rooibos Creme Brulee
Herbal & Fruit - Mint Melange, Calming Chamomile, Woodland Fruit

Their prices range from £11.50 for a 100g Refill Bag - £16.00 for Jadu Tea Envelopes - £21.50 for the Royal Blue Box with 75g - 100g of loose leaf
The Herbal & Fruit Teas are from £9.50 - £11.50

All of the flavours that I have tasted, I have really enjoyed and I have shared out most of the samples that I had received to many of my friends who have all come back with great reviews.

Out of my selection, the favourites have been the English Breakfast, Mademoiselle Grey, which is lovely at any time of the day and the Rooibos Creme Brulee which is just so smooth to drink its lovely, and the smell..... love it !!

Have a look at Jadu Teas Website and place your orders. You will not regret it and they really do make amazing gifts (Isn't Christmas coming up soon ..... )
They have free delivery when you spend £45.00 UK only