Renna's Discoveries: Our First Day in Tenby - Wales

Friday, September 09, 2016

Our First Day in Tenby - Wales

So, one day in the middle of August my husband phones me and asks if I was going to book a week away before the kids went back to school. I had thought about it, but, I wasn't sure in mentioning it in case he couldn't get time off work. So I said that I'd look into it and what were his preferred dates...not like he a huge choice. So I looked at the last week in August. 
I looked around Devon and Cornwall first of all, then decided, actually, I wanted to go to Wales. So, the search was on and after a day online, I decided on a Haven Holiday Park - Kiln Park . As it was last minute we got it almost half price so of course we went for the upgraded Prestige Caravan 2 to give us more space and a newer model, however I wasn't going to pay an extra £100 for a balcony!! 
Kiln Park is in Pembrokshire which is a walkers dream and Tenby has one of the best beaches in the UK. So, I thought this would be perfect for family time away before back to school starts.

We left home at 5am and got to Tenby (after several stops) at 9.30am. Which was way before our 2pm check in, so our first stop was to park up in town and head to the beach.

Here are just a few of my photos of our first day in Tenby. 
Here is St Catherine's Island which is now sadly closed (literally two days before we arrived !!!! - gutted) it has a fort on top which the owner was trying to restore, but after years of plans, he decided to close it. Anyways it still looks amazing from up close and far away and the island is a great back drop to any photo, and it also really shows how high the tide comes in in the evening. You'll see the photos further on to compare. It truely is remarkable, and I would go to Tenby again, just to see the tide coming in. The beach is absolutely huge and the houses are just beautiful. It really is a gem of a town.
 You can see on the beach front the original town walls they built hundreds of years ago and how much it has eroded. They are doing everything they can to keep the original features of Tenby, parts of the walls have been filled in to keep it stable. If you look carefully in the pictures you can see parts of it.

 There are seagulls everywhere on the beach and actually the caravan site too, but they didn't cause any bother that we saw. They were actually really interesting to watch and they are huge too....
 Here are the caves in St Catherines Island. I managed to get a perfectly timed photo here. So as we like to explore, we went into every cave we could find to find rock pools and crabs and other interesting creatures.
 We finally found a live crab, he was small, but we had a mission complete !
 This is the other side of Catherines Island where the boat port is. As you can see in the morning there is no sea, and all the boats are just tied to the sand. It's quite peculiar to see at first until you visit again in the evening. These photos will be in the next blog post. I really love how the town have made such an effort with the colours of the houses. Its so beautiful.

 Tenby town has loads of shops of all kind. They have tourist shops and loads of restaurants, pubs, clothes shop....everything you need is there. So never fear if you've forgotten shorts or the kids ruin their shoes straight away as you'll find it in town....

 So after exploring we went to Kiln Park to unpack and have a look around the park.
Firstly I do have to say, that this is one of the best caravan parks we have been to. This is a lovely large holiday caravan park. There are a lot of families and there is so much for the kids to do. The roads are full of the bikes that families can hire and go around the park on, there are kids everywhere. It is so safe that I actually allowed my 8 & 5 year old to scoot around on their own - this is something I never do, but this was after we went around the whole park and had a good nosey around. It is that safe, and fairly easy to get around once you knew your roads.
Here's our caravan. This is a 12ft x 36ft 2 bedroom Prestige 2.
 When you stay in a caravan you have to take so much with you, but at Kiln Park they have a Spar shop so if you have forgotten anything at all, you can always buy it there. Plus the prices were just like any other Spar shop. So they have loads of fruit and vegetables, fresh meats, fresh bread and cakes, ready meals, all your toiletries and literally loads more, this is a huge bonus as it saves driving to a nearby supermarket.
We all really loved our caravan, it was comfortable, very clean (in fact so clean that we didn't clean it like we normally do, we didn't wash everything in the cupboards we just cracked on and got was a miracle for us)

 The bedrooms were lovely and we had a huge shower and an extra toilet. We couldn't believe our luck.
So after we had settled and everything was sorted and we had our maps and the caravan park is literally a ten minute walk to town - Woohoo !!!!! So we didn't need a car when were going to the beach we could walk. This was bliss.

The entertainment complex of the park had amusements, and loads of them, indoor swimming pool, entertainment lounge with a bar and a restaurant area with a bar. It was all huge and all very clean. My only niggle was that you could ONLY get WiFi in the restaurant. Nightmare, so we went there to all get hooked up together, so the kids had SkyGo. All the staff were lovely. All really helpful.The atmosphere was great, and everyone was just there to have fun.

So we decided as it was our first night, we would walk into town for dinner. My husband had a sudden craving for pork kebabs, so we headed for probably the only Greek Restaurant in Tenby.
Mykanos - TripAdvisor Page

Before we got to the restaurant, just check out this view !!! Remember earlier this was all sand !! Wow!!
 So, because myself and my hubs can never decide exactly what we want, we decided on a Meze to include fish aswell. This way the kids can pick at bits that we had as well as have their own food.
The Meze was £22.00 per person. A meze includes a variety of dishes and is the best way to eat Greek food. You start with bread and dips and cold salads, then you move onto the warm starters, then the fish, like prawns, squid etc and then the meat kebabs. Its very filling and we loved it.
Mykanos had all the best wines straight from Cyprus, so I had to get a bottle (as they didn't do it in glasses - however, I did get to take this home with me)
Here is just some of what we ate.
Stuffed Vine Leaves
 Greek sausage, lounza ham and grilled halloumi. A staple Greek diet !!!
 This isn't very Greek to me, but the stuffed mushrooms were very good.
We all had a really lovely dinner. This was an extravagance for us being the first night, but, it was worth it, we all enjoyed our food and the staff were lovely and really friendly.

After this, we walked back to the caravan and just chilled out before going to bed.

We were all pleased with where we were. Tenby is AMAZING !!!! You absolutely MUST visit.

I will show you what else we got up to in the next post.