Renna's Discoveries: Our Second Day in Tenby - Wales

Friday, September 09, 2016

Our Second Day in Tenby - Wales

On our second day in Tenby - Wales (see previous post for our first day HERE) we decided to do a boat trip. This is one of the reasons that I booked to visit Tenby, as I thought the kids would love a good boat trip to visit the nearby island. Its not something we do all the time, so it was a great trip. 

Just a quick note - I do not put pictures of my children on my blog, so many pictures I can not include, however, it just gives you more of an excuse to go and see it for yourselves.

We booked a family ticket to take a 20 minute boat ride over to Caldey Island where the Monks still live and they have a retreat and the original town and ruins are still present on the island. They have the monastery, post office, souvenir shop, perfume shop and a chocolate shop of course as well as a very basic cafe and you can walk all over the island and explore. 
In the below picture we got on the boat at the small jetty on the beach and travelled along Tenby beach (great for photographs) to Caldey Island.
 Here you can see the fort on St Catherines Island. You can also see how far up the sea rises.
 Tenby beach is so beautiful I just had to take loads of photos.
 After a great trip which we all enjoyed, we arrived to Caldey Island where we had to depart our boat onto this in the sea as the tide was still so low (I couldn't tell you what its called, as I've forgotten - Sorry), and then this sea drove us to the dock. Cool or what !!!

 We wandered around and visited all the areas we were allowed to go. This is part of the old farm that used to house the horses.
 The original church where we lit candles for my grandparents.
 Then we walked up to the furthest point of the island to see the lighthouse. On our walk we saw a crowd of people, ok well a small crowd, but they were looking over the edge of Very steep cliff edge, so we went over and had a look ourselves and you could just see a family of seals playing in the waves. We were so excited, as I really wanted to do the Seal Watch boat trip as well, but we couldn't do two trips (wish we did now, but hey, it gives me an excuse to go again)
Here is the back of the light house to actually show you how pretty it is.
 They had five Shetlands ponies as well. They were all very friendly and love a good apple !!
 So after exploring, we sat on the beach relaxing and the kids played in the waves. We watched the tide come up, higher and higher on the beach and then after an hour we decided to get the next boat back to Tenby Beach (Castle Beach).
On our trip back, he captain explained that we would be going to the other side of Catherine's Island to depart the boat as the tide was up to high to get onto Castle Beach. Now here's when a huge memory opened up as we saw this lifeboat house, and then it clicked. I knew I had heard of Tenby and really wanted to visit, and it was because of Grand Designs. The TV programme where brave people restore old buildings or build a new home that is so out there.
So here it is - The LifeBoat House of Tenby.
 If you are interested, here is the YouTube Video of how they restored it and also you get to see Tenby for the beauty it is. It really is amazing and worth watching. Plus you get to hear the gorgeous Welsh accent. It is 45 minutes though, so grab a cuppa and chill.
Ok, so going back to the beach - now remember teh tide has now risen - a lot. If you have read my previous post you'll remember the photos of the boats just sitting on the sand, well, here it is again, but in the late afternoon.

 WOW !!!! Its just so beautiful, I can not get over the beauty of one town.

 When you are here and the tide is up, the kids can go crabbing or do somersaults into the sea - if they are brave enough.....
Tenby is a town you could relax and explore. It's perfect for everyone. So as we walked around on the way home, we got really nosy and looked at as many houses we could and thought how wonderful it must be to live in Tenby. There are lots of little roads around with either shops, pubs or more houses on.
We walked down here, can you see the pink wall at the end of the road ??
 Well, here is the house. We decided that Mrs Umbridge from Harry Potter must have retired here. Isn't it gorgeous. So much fun for a walkway.
 Here is the glorious beach again, as we preferred to walk the beach home when we could.

Beautiful Tenby.