Renna's Discoveries: Our Third, Fourth & Fifth Day in Tenby - Wales

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our Third, Fourth & Fifth Day in Tenby - Wales

During our week in Tenby in Wales we had a few places that we really wanted to visit and Tenby has a new kiddy dinosaur park which I thought the kids would love. So after our lovely Day One and Day Two in Tenby, this was a welcomed chill out day.
Day Three:
The Dinosaur Park is literally a five minute drive away from Kiln Park. You are welcomed by a huge Mammoth and you go through into a great play park. They have motorised cars, bumper boats, bungee trampoline, safari cruises, a soft play, arcades, frizz-bee golf (which I am useless at!!) you also have golf which we enjoyed as we could all do it together.
So you literally just go from one activity to the next. Then once all the activities are done, you can do the short dinosaur walk through their woodland. For an adult, I honestly can say, its nothing spectacular, but the kids enjoyed reading up on the dinosaurs and seeing how big they actually were.
You could realistically do all this in a morning and then go elsewhere or back to the beach or caravan park like we did. It opens at 10am so you could be done by lunch or you can stay all day, its up to you.

Day Four:

Pembroke Castle is an absolute must visit. Check what's on before you go at the beginning of the week, as we missed the fighting and re-enactment days. However we did get to see their falcon display, which was equally cool. Pembroke Castle is huge and it is quite spectacular, as they have have rebuilt and restored what they could. The town itself is definitely worth wondering around afterwards too.

Here you can see the map of Wales that is in the castle grounds, and it shows all the castles in Wales, so you can see that there are quite a few to visit if you are a castle fan.
The castle is so large, that it can get a bit confusing whilst walking around it, or maybe it was just us, but we were here there and everywhere. there are steep stairs to climb and go down, we even went into the cave underneath the castle which is where it all began hundreds of years ago. Thankfully, the cave was left as it, as they used it for emergency storage or as protection and a place to hide when they needed it.
Here you can see the amazing views, and the falcons ready to do their show.
The falcon display was brilliant and he made it very funny. The bird are all his own and he has hand reared them himself.

Ready !!!!

And fly...... He flew all around the castle up high and down low and once he had caught his chicken, he sat on the floor really panting, so he had a good exercise run.
We all loved this castle, and this can also be done in a morning if you leave early enough. Some people visit another castle or activity in the afternoon. There really is so much to see, so if you can cram it all in, go for it, but as our kiddies are still young, they like to play and everything takes a little bit longer. But check out this view of the original river that surrounded the castle.

Here's the other side of the river, which now has a dam built to keep the water levels high.
Once we had seen everything, we went for a stroll around the Castle walls which is really lovely too.
As you can see here, the Pembroke houses are just as colourful as Tenbys.
Whilst wandering around town I noticed this amazing building and then we looked in through the windows and saw Cake. Here is Pembroke Tea & Cake Shop. Its worth a quick visit just to look at all the wonderful cakes. If you have time to sit in, they do a really good afternoon tea.

OMG !!!!! I love meringues.....
We all chose a cake or biscuit each and ate half of them as soon as we got back to the car to leave. 
We went back to the caravan park, then wandered to the beach for a bit, before heading off to the inside swimming pool, so the kids could have a good swim with daddy. I sat in the restaurant overlooking it, trying to catch up on emails and twitter. The WiFi at Kiln Park is only in the restaurant, and its not particularly fast, so I literally had two phones and an iPad connected so I could do different sites at the same time. 
After swimming we went back to the caravan for dinner and showers before going back to the entertainment complex to play on the arcades and exchange the winning tickets for prizes. 

Day Five:
Our morning in the caravan was a mamouth joint effort in packing everything away and throwing out any rubbish. The hubs made lunch and snacks for our journey home and I think we left about 10.30am. You are supposed to vacate at 10am - but, unless you pack everything the night before, its never going to happen.
Anyways, so we said goodbye to our amazing caravan and started our travels home. We drove around some new roads and had a look around the areas and finally found Carred Cennen Castle on the Brecon Becons. This is a really old un-restored castle, but well worth the visit purely for the views from the castle. 

You have to pay a small fee and then you can walk up the mountain to see the castle. Its not a long walk don't worry, about ten minutes, if that. But look at this view. They say Wales is Green, and it sure is. It's so beautiful.
Have a look at my photos to give you an idea of how idyllic it is. This area has so much history attached it to so you must read every sign you can.  This is the entrance to the castle, looking outwards.
Inside the grounds.

These are the stairs that lead you into the underground tunnel which they built to store goods and foods as well as escape routes. These tunnels have been blocked off at teh very end as its not safe, but it was incredible going in them. Very dark (you need a torch or don't bother) and slippery but a great experience as castles go.
The picture doesn't really do it any justice. But back in its hayday, you can imagine that this was the grandest building for miles.
Here's the farm that is at the bottom of the hill.
The white building in the above picture had this sign nailed to its door, which I found completely fascinating, for obvious reasons. We had just marveled at the age of the castle and how amazing it was that it's actually still standing, and then we find this building which is completely intact and is even older. 
So these are the houses that were built with the castle brick. They look gorgeous don't they. At least if they couldn't save and rebuild the castle, they at least kept the history of it close by. The buildings are actually bigger than they look as they go back as well. They hold a shop and a big tea room which can be hired for weddings and it has the best views !!!
This is just a glimpse of what is inside the old cow shed. Its been left to look old, as it was or could have been. It really is fascinating walking around. The farmer always used to sleep with his cows, so you can see his box bed and where he cooked and kept the cows along side all of his equipment and tools.

Then this is us leaving Wales on Friday afternoon. It was an absolutely lovely week. We all enjoyed everything we did and really didn't want to leave. There is so much to do and so much to see and we loved the caravan at Kiln Park which was a big bonus for us. The main thing is, the kids really enjoyed themselves too. Their favourite was of course the beach, but everything we did they had fun and were happy and was eager to explore, and if the kids are happy then everyone's happy.

 Thank you Tenby and Haven's Kiln Park Holiday Park for making it a wonderful week.

Have you been to Wales? Is there anywhere that you would suggest we go to next time we visit?