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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Prestige Flowers - More Beauty of Flowers

Now the summer is over, and the flowers have pretty much dissapeared in my garden, I like to have flowers in the house. I absolutely love it when my garden comes into flower. I have a mass of pinks, purples and yellows, all from various types of flowers. It brings so much happiness as the pure beauty of them is also very calming. So when they have all gone, I love flowers in the home as they can brighten up any corner, and bring the happiness inside as well. They do make lovely gifts and I do wish I received them more often.

I received this stunning bouquet from Prestige Flowers Online Delivery
They have a huge selection online and the delivery is quick and efficient. the box is super secure and keeps the flowers protected.
Let me show you how they are delivered and the quality of the flowers. My delivery of this huge box arrived on the 23rd September.
Open the box to find this beauty. This is the Wheatfields Van Gogh. It is inspired by the painting and it is absolutely stunning.
 With my bouquet I received a vase as well, which is the perfect size and height for this bouquet. Its well worth purchasing one with your order, just in case the person you are buying them for hasn't got one. Plus is actually very nice, and comes in very useful for other deliveries.
This is day later on the 24th September.
 As you can see it is wrapped very securely and inside the flowers are in a wet pouch, so there isn't actually any water that could ruin the delivery, like I've had in the past.
 All secured with an elastic band which is easily removed.

 The Wheatfields Van Gogh Bouquet include : Roses, Freesias, Blue Agapanthus, Wheat, Thlaspi and Pistacia.
Gorgeous isn't it ?

 The quality of the flowers are really good. I know that they will last over their guaranteed 7 days.

This is now on the 27th September - Five days after the original delivery. The Freesias have now opened, and the colours are still so vibrant. A couple of the Roses are starting to fade, but I think natural Roses never really last the week.

 I think this is a perfect bouquet, especially as I love purples and yellows. Prestige Flowers are a wonderful company and each bouquet is hand made and delivered with love.

Keep them in your address book for those birthdays, celebrations and of course Christmas Gifts. They do actually have plenty of gorgeous Christmas Bouquets, which you can have a look at in the Christmas section. However, any flowers at Christmas are lovely.

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