Renna's Discoveries: We did it !!!! Rough Runner - Clapham Common 17th September 2016

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We did it !!!! Rough Runner - Clapham Common 17th September 2016

A while back I saw an email about an event called Rough Runners and if we booked before a particular date we could get it at a discount. Anyways, so I sent the email to my fitness friends and said that they must definitely sign up. It looked fun, but it also looked really hard, so I didn't even think about it for me and I didn't even really look into it that much. I just saw a few photos of a couple of obstacles. My reply back from my friend was something like, that looks awesome why wouldn't you do it? So, I had one of those moments and instantly replied, well I'd do the 5km at a struggle but not the 10km. Without a real thought that I would actually ever do it.

Well that was it..... emails went around and all our little crew said YEA FUCK IT, Lets do it !!!!! OMG Whaaaaaattttt???? It seems I was doing it after all !!!
So, monies exchanged and tickets were bought and then one night at my friends, she asked if I had looked at the video that was on the Rough Runners website. I looked at her, paused and said..... No, and then a wave of fear came over me. We sat and watched it together and all I thought was ..... there is no way on earth I'm going to be able to do any of this. Then I was scared...very scared.. Jaw dropped to the floor and full blown panic set in. I just thought, that's it, I'm going to be in tears by the end of it. Here's the video we watched - its a long one, but funny at the same time.
Still slightly excited though.....I've never done anything like this before, so I thought it was a good bucket list thing to do. Here's another Rough Runner Video:
Rough Runner is based on all our favourite obstacle course TV shows, Total Wipeout, Ninja Warrior, Gladiators etc
The only thing I could do was try and get my body and arms stronger so that I would be able to do the obstacles. I bought a pull up bar and went from one pull-up to ten, still really hard. However, its something I'm going to continue with (for next time). I like pull-ups and press ups, but you have to be really careful with your wrists and make sure you are doing the correct techniques as you can do yourself serious injury.

So, after a couple of months of improving my running and stamina and body strength, the day finally arrived.
We arrived at Clapham Common and got ourselves registered, dropped off our bags, got our stickers sorted, gloves on, hydrated with TG Green Tea and extra Electrolytes and then hyped ourselves up. We all had the mind set that we were going to laugh - a lot, get really wet, (as unfortunately the heatwave sunshine had completely disappeared) and very cold !!! But the essence of the event was Teamwork. We all agreed that we do it together and help each other as much as possible.
Here we are before the start!!
Here was our route. We only signed up for 5km (the white line) as our group has a very mixed fitness level, (literally from cycling the length of the UK and sailing around the world to doing absolutely no type of exercise or fitness at all) and as we were going for the fun aspect, we weren't too bothered on the distance, until we realised that we would be missing out on a few of the obstacles !!! So......Next Time, we are doing the longer distance just so we don't miss out on anything.
I'm not going to go through each of the obstacles, however, I will say, that I did a lot better than I ever dreamed of. I managed to pull myself up ropes, climb down extremely high ladders, even if I did have the shakes doing it, jump over moving obstacles nearly getting to the end, and I even got a swing out of the rings I got to the third ring and then absolutely head planted it right into the water whilst doing so !!!! Oh my goodness, it was one obstacle that I actually tried to get out of, but my friend (and the crowd behind us) forced me to do. Glad I did it, but I sure do wish the sunshine was out that day as I was soaked, alongside most of us though. Not one of us stayed dry. It really was so much fun. They don't really consider the shorties like me and my friends, we had to stretch a lot more than others, which made it slightly harder, but we got through it.
The balls were hilarious, we had to get through loads of fitness balls without getting stuck. I liked the zip wire and actually managed to stay on the whole way. You can see that I was really concentrating as I really didn't want to fall.
One obstacle I couldn't wait for (as it looked easy on video) was the big tipper. The video is below, but I tell you, it was not as easy as it looked and we turned to team work to throw over one of us then the further two would get pulled over by the first. This was so much fun, I have suggested that they do a hurdle course with these and have at least two or three instead of just the one.
The whole course was a lot of fun, and team work and loads of encouragement was well needed. At the very end, the last obstacle to complete was the Travelator. At Clapham this year, they had four, all of different levels. The first is obviously the bad boy and it's super fast, then each one went down in speed slightly. I did the slowest one, and got to the top on my first attempt. The fourth one you could stand on and it just took you to the top, with no running involved. So I'm glad we had a level choice with this one.
Here we are after the travelator, waiting to go down a slide into a huge pool of water. I declined and scooted down the side of the slide, as I was still drying off from before.
As this was our first, we now know that it would be really great to have someone run alongside us just to take photos and long sleeves may be better, I've even joked about running in a wet suit or a swimsuit !!! Also, the longer distance will be harder, but there's lots of extra obstacles to do.
Woohoo !!!! Finished !!! Wet Cold but Happy !!
Then we got our medals, or disguised bottles openers !! 
Sign up for next year !!! We'll see you there !!! 

It really doesn't matter about your fitness levels, yes I know there's loads of gym obsessed people doing it, but there are also the slowest people in the world, some just literally jumped in the water and walked across and others really tried and were competitive, and others like us that tried where we could and laughed when we couldn't. There is something for everyone. Plus its all for charity - The British Heart Foundation. This is close to my heart literally, so events like these are a great fun way to raise money. The tickets profits went towards the charity. You can of course raise money for your own charity with your own just giving website.

 After we all got dried and changed into fresh clothes, I had to have a hot dog, I was so hungry and really fancied something bad, filling and tasty. They had crepes, hog roast, smoothies, fruits, hot chocolates, so at least there is something for everyone.

Here are the Rings !!! I got the third ring, so I'm proud of that. I do have to say, that I didn't see many that completed it !!! 

Sign up to get details for the next events or sign up for the next one in your area.

You won't regret it, this really is for everyone !!!