Renna's Discoveries: Loose Tea - JustBe and Camellia's

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Loose Tea - JustBe and Camellia's

Loose tea can be a scary thought, especially if you're not used to it, but there are so many amazing loose tea brands, that you just have to give it a go. I think the biggest scare for me is not really knowing how much or how little you need. Here's two of my favourites at the moment.

A friend of mine gave me this tea to try. I had heard of the brand Justbe from social media and foodie sites, but had yet to try it. It's a really pretty loose tea with Hibiscus and Lemon Balm. That's it, nothing else added. I followed the instructions for the correct amount and watched it infuse. It is strangely very soothing just watching the stunning hibiscus colour flow into the lemon balm. I should have videoed it for you, but I tell you what, it is delicious !! I love it. It's really pretty, smells amazing and the colour from the hibiscus is just stunning. When I added a photo on my Instagram account, the owner, Gail Bryden said that you could also serve it as an iced tea. So I infused a pints worth of tea with added mint leaves from my garden and then put it in the fridge. Well, she was right !! It is a lovely refreshing drink that can be drunk hot or cold. This is well worth trying.

Justbe actually has a huge variety of products, all which I'd love to try one day. They have skincare of all sorts, relaxing candles, delicious chocolates, aromatherapy oils, teas and plenty of lovely gift hampers. Have a look at as there is literally something for everyone. 

I was also given The Mandara Spa Bespoke Tea by Camellia's Tea House. I love the tin the tea is in. The tea can stay fresh in here for ages, and it's just so pretty. I just love the design of it. The tea itself is like pot pouri, I actually almost felt guilty pouring boiling water onto them. This tea consists of chamomile flowers, rose buds and ginger pieces, that's it. 

 See....its gorgeous isn't it? So pretty.
With this tea, you only need a little bit, just one teaspoon, so it will last for ages. You can certainly taste the chamomile and it's a very calming tea. So it is perfect to have in a spa and to relax with.
Camelli's Tea House have an absolutely huge variety of teas, that I now want to try them all !!! Have a look at her website and if you are in London visit Mandara Spa at Westminster  as they stock a few of the other teas as well as their own bespoke tea. Why not book yourself in for a relaxing treatment at the same time. Treat yourself !!
Camellia's London Tea House is currently relocating, but I can not wait until they are up and running again in their new shop.

I love to use T-Tox Tea's special Tea Glass as its amazing and is the best tea infuser I have found. Well worth buying!!!

Have you tried loose tea? What is your favourite flavour?