Renna's Discoveries: Muscle Crate - Monthly Subscription Box for Fitness Supplements

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Muscle Crate - Monthly Subscription Box for Fitness Supplements

Muscle Crate is a monthly subscription box full of wonderful bodybuilding and fitness supplements. There is generally a mix of pre workout supplements and post workout supplements.
This includes protein shakes to help grow your muscles and repair them quickly after a workout. Protein shakes also make you feel fuller for longer and encourages you to snack less. They also have protein bars, so instead of a shake, or if you really want a healthy snack to keep your energy levels high, you can have one of these great bars instead. They also have a selection of muscle builders which can help your muscles grow quicker, which can be drunk anytime throughout the day or best during a workout.
Then you have the pre-workout shots or drinks that include caffeine or similar to help you throughout a workout to help burn the fat quicker and encourages you work hard or work harder (as you have more energy) this will then in turn help your muscles grow quicker, as you are working them harder.
Let me show you what arrived in my Muscle Crate.
Lets have a quick look at each item.

 These are tiny squares full of protein and flavour. They are super filling and gluten free as well...bonus!! You can request purely Gluten Free boxes if you need to.
 They are a very adaptable company and the customer service is amazing. They are really quick to respond and if you have any special dietary requirements or you need to avoid something else, just let them know and they will do their best to accommodate.
 I think they knew about my chocolate obsession, without even telling them !! I love chocolate protein shakes !! Its my chocolate fix of the day. Both these shakes were delicious.
 Pre-workout drinks and shots to start you buzzing for a workout !!

Muscle Crate is great at letting you try all different types of supplements and companies, without spending a load of money on something that you actually don't like. Once you have found your favourites, you can then buy the full sized products from Muscle Crates online store.

For 20% discount click Muscle Crate and use the code renna20 at checkout. 

How it works:
Sign up to a monthly subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months. This can be cancelled anytime with no hassle.
You will recieve a Muscle Crate at the end of each month with 12 plus supplements.
Muscle Crate is from £10.50 to £15.00 a month depending on your chosen subscription service. This is all free shipping to UK, USA and Australia.

What are you waiting for ? Sign up Now !!