Renna's Discoveries: Shoot Out MegaBleu Games - Ready for the Winter!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shoot Out MegaBleu Games - Ready for the Winter!!

It's getting cold out there, so I am looking into games that the kids can play inside, but, which can keep them fairly active. So I had a look at MegaBleu Website to find a couple of games that I thought the kids would like, and is also practical for the house and without small bits that get chewed by the dogs or broken really quickly. As this is what happens....a lot !! So I chose two shooting games. Now I don't condone it, however, this is all about aiming, quick reactions and being aware of your surroundings. So although, the chosen games have guns, its also about life skills. Yes, it sounds crazy doesn't it, but, this is what I look for in games. As well as obviously, enjoyment and longevity. 
So here are my chosen two: 
Alien Mission Evolution. This looked great fun and its what it says on the box. You've just got to shoot all the aliens!
This is what is inside the box. Googles and Shooter.
Our first mission is to put 6 AAA batteries in the googles and shooter and get it to connect and sync.
Once completed, we were good to go. With the googles on, you can actually see the Aliens appear inside the googles on the screen. Then when the shooter and the alien are in the target, you shoot and then gain a score. The power of technology just amazes me. However, I thought the kids would be able to run around playing this like in the video below, but the googles are very large and quite heavy. The view is pretty much straightforward, so even I found it difficult running around without bumping into objects around the house. On the other hand, if they stand still or in a safe room, it is fun to play.
As you can see the googles are huge, so it was safer for us to stand still playing this. Bear in mind my kids are only 5 and 8, so I think this is better suited to older kids. Both the kids like the shooter as it is really light and makes great shooting noises, like lasers. So this is played with a lot more, just wish I had two of them !!
Watch the Video and you'll get a better idea of what you can actually see through the googles.
You can buy this game from Amazon Megableu 678620 Alien Mission Evolution Game 

Next up, Spiderman Shooting Game. You just have to shoot Rhino. I chose this as I was completely intruigued by it. My son loves Spiderman, so I just thought he'd love this and pretending to be a super hero. Plus, there is clearly running around involved. 
I know, I chose two shooting games, but I wanted to compare them, and this one is by far the better game. This is brilliant !! We all love this.
Once all the batteries are put into both the shooter and the Spiderman, they need to be synced and then you can choose the difficulty level required, 1-3. You need to place the Spiderman figure up high, I'd say in the middle of the room on a stall or similar. The Spiderman then shoots out images of Rhino that reflect on the walls and then somehow, the gun is synchronised with the Spiderman and it can tell if you shoot it. When you do, it makes a great noise and the counter goes up in the gun. The Spiderman figure is on a rotator, so he swivels around blasting out red rhinos. It can be really quick, so it's great for the kids (and adults!!)
It just looks like such a cool toy doesn't it.
The downside to this toy is that you need clear walls to be able to see the Rhino clearly, and ideally a dark room. If you fancy lots of laughs and "there he is" shouted in the house, get this game. I would recommend getting a second shooter to make it more fun and they can also work as a team. It doesnt look the same, but it can be used with all the Ghost Hunt Evolution games. You can buy that on Amazon
Have a look at the Video, so you get a better idea of how it works.  
We all had great fun playing this, and Spiderman now has his place high on a shelf so we can just turn him on and have 15 minutes worth of fun in between homework and other home activities.. 
Buy yours from Amazon Megableu Spider Man Chase Rhino Game

What kind of games do you buy ready for the winter months?