Renna's Discoveries: have launched Kids Clothing - Finally!!

Friday, November 11, 2016 have launched Kids Clothing - Finally!!

November is here and it is COLD. Frost in the mornings, ice on the cars and its just going to get colder. So, of course it's time to get new coats for the kids. I already got mine a couple of months ago, as I saw a coat I fell in love with, so I bought it early and kept it until it was needed. I then bought my son a new coat, which strangely almost matches mine......So of course my daughter was waiting for her new coat. is an online clothing catalogue and they had originally concentrated on women's wear and then mens, and now they have just introduced the kids clothing section. It only launched in October and they are adding new products on a daily basis. They are all fantastic prices and the quality is really good too.  So whilst looking through, I thought I'd check out the coats for girls. I saw a coat that I thought my daughter would like, well.....hoped she would like.
Her favourite colour or shade is black, I'm not sure why, but that's what she told me so I was looking for a black coat. Plus it goes with everything so it wouldn't clash with any of her clothing. I also wanted something that would keep her warm. She doesn't like wearing lots of layers as she feels too constricted, so I needed something that was lined or had a lining in that could be removed if she wanted to. I found quite a few that I liked, then had to go through the elimination process, otherwise the girl would have had five new coats!!! I chose this one.....what do you think?

Its smart, fun and warm, and she loves it. Phew!!!!
It is fantastic quality and made really well. This coat is going to last and for £38 I think that's really good. The faux fur is just adorable. It is completely fur lined and its thick and soft and keeps her really warm. This coat is for an 8 year old. My daughter is 8, but a petite 8, so I was worried about the size, but actually it worked out fine. So bear in mind, that the length will obviously be different depending on their heights.

 It has two pockets on the outside and a pull cord to make it tighter around the waist if you prefer coats that are fitted.

You must check out the Kids clothing, it really is lovely and this is a great time to get some good quality bargains. It's all aged at 4 - 12 year olds. I'll definitely be buying more clothes in the future.

Heres the link direct to this coat : Black Girls Coat if you have already made up your mind and want the same coat.

*This post is in collaboration with Boohoo.Com. (I was offered a discount and all views are my honest opinion)