Renna's Discoveries: Christmas Energy Bars with PandaVita Baobab Powder - Superfood

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Energy Bars with PandaVita Baobab Powder - Superfood

Some mornings it can be such a struggle to get out of bed, especially as the days are getting shorter so it's dark earlier or you have to wake up and it's still dark. Then of course, it's getting to the end of year and somehow it is super busy. It's pretty much go go go from now until new year. Getting Christmas sorted, shopping, childrens plays and special assemblies, parent consultations, having the big pre-Christmas massive clear out of toys or clothes to make room for the new lot. The kids have events to go to which finish late, like family get togethers and birthdays, and then because they have a late night, I end up having an even later night as I like my 'me time' and catching up on TV that is not suitable for kids, and it's all just so tiring. 
Christmas Day itself is a very long day and by the evening, everyone's eaten too much and is just plain tired, which is why the Christmas Film is always a bonus. 
So this got me thinking that I need to design a energy rich recipe which is easy to do, and I can do quickly. 
Flapjacks it is! These are my favourite, I could eat them every day, and the best bit about flapjacks is that you can make them your own and add what you like. So I always use my base recipe and then customise it the way I fancy on the day. 
This time I'm going to add some proper energy boosting ingredients. 
Baobab powder is jammed packed with potassium, which is a slow releasing energy, like in bananas, which is why we love our bananas and banana smoothies for breakfast. However, its five times more!! Baobab powder also has a lot of vitamin C and magnesium which are of course great for our bodies and a great way to stay healthy.
Baobab powder is an organic produce that originates from Africa and PandaVita have packaged for us beautifully and easy to use and store, as well as being easy to deliver straight to your door. The packaging can be flattened easily for postage!! Bonus!!
Baobab is extracted direct from the fruit of the tree, and as it is left to dry naturally inside the pods it is completely natural and untouched.
I've been adding baobab to my smoothies and porridge, and it's been lovely. You can add it to energy balls too - recipe on previous post. You can even have it with just water, which I have to say, it quite nice actually. It's very citrusy so it's similar to a lemon drink. It really is a super food powder and well worth having to add to your morning drinks. 
Because of the powdered form, you can literally add it to anything.

Your standard flapjack recipe is approx: 250g porridge oats, 125g sugar and 125g butter, then you can add 2-3 tablespoons of golden syrup or honey to make it gooey and extra sweet, or add a mashed banana to make it chewey, Then customise it to what you want.
I then like to add whatever I fancy. I don't think many of my flapjack mixes are ever the's a few ideas for you to add.
 As its near Christmas, I decided on Christmas Energy Bars. So the dried fruit came out.

My ingredients:

100g Apricots
50g Dates
50g Craisins
1 Banana
Blend Together or Chop into small pieces

150g Butter
125g Sugar
2 tbs Honey
Melt in a Saucepan on a very low heat

Add the fruit mix and also add
2 tbs Baobab
300g Oats

Mix really well together and then pour into a baking tray. Use a metal spoon to push it all flat into the tray.
Bake for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees.
Leave to cool and cut into squares. Its so simple. It literally takes 10 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to cook.

 Such pretty colours and really Christmassy.
Tesco do great grease proof baking trays with push up bottom trays. So you never need to tip your flapjacks upside down...
The craisins make a gorgeous difference with the colours, and they really show through

There you go : Baobab Christmas Energy Bars.

So pretty, and they really do make a great snack. The amount of natural energy in one bar is enough to keep me going for a while. Alternatively, make loads as these make great gifts.

*Panda Vita has now ceased trading, however, there are plenty of other brands that stock Baobab Powder