Renna's Discoveries: Dreamtoys 2016 - My Christmas Wish List for the Kids

Monday, November 14, 2016

Dreamtoys 2016 - My Christmas Wish List for the Kids

I've previously written about Dreamtoys Top 12 Toys so now I wanted to tell you about what I would love to buy subject to having no budget and a huge house. This is my wish list that I would buy my kids!!
Dreamtoys is an event that showcases what the toy experts think will be the best selling toys of the year to help us parents buy the right toys for our children and for other peoples children for gifts and for Christmas. I did like most of the top 12, but.....some I just didn't understand why children need them. The ones I didn't like were either, same old same old, five minutes wonders or just plain old boring. So going through Dreamtoys list of almost 70 toys and taking out the top 12, here are my favourites that I would love to get, even if I don't like them, but I know my kids would.
1. Barbie Fashionista (Fashion Doll Assortment)
This year has been brilliant when it comes to dolls. Barbie now have a doll of every colour and every shape and different heights. Some are flat footed and some have heels. I personally love these, and yes, I would probably have to buy a few different ones, which would mean I also have to buy lots of different clothing, shoes and accessories least its more realistic when the kids are role playing, and then hopefully in the future girls won't be so self conscience as they don't look like the original Barbie.

2. Beanie Boo Buddies
These are too cute and obviously makes you want to get loads. This is a collection that is never ending. It doesn't matter what age you are, or what you love, there is something for everyone. We already have quite a few, as they are nice to buy as a treat, and they make great gifts too.

3. DC Super Hero Girls - Action Girls
I love Superheroes, always have, and I like the fact that Girls and Boys can play with Super Heroes. So these dolls that are based on the very popular cartoon are a wonderful collection to have for role playing and they look amazing. The clothing and the outfits are awesome.
4. V-Tech Kidizoom Selfie Cam
Yes, its a selfie stick for kids, well this one is purple, and they have yet to bring out any other colours, so I would say its a bit girlie for some boys. However, this one comes with its own camera, so the kids don't need to steal your phone. It has lots of different funky effects so you can add on funny hair or backgrounds. Change the colours, make videos. Then of course, all photos can be downloaded onto a computer to be printed up. My daughter would love this.
5. Marvel Captain America : Civil War Blaster
This is an awesome shield as it actually blasts Nerf darts. Its a whole shield that opens to fire the darts, it reminds me of playing cowboys and indians when I was a kid. This is a great toy for running around and hiding and pretending to be a superhero. I know my son would absolutely love this.
6. Monopoly Ultimate Banking
Everyone loves Monopoly. Its a great family game and this has brought it all the way into the future of a cashless society. This has a touch screen banking unit, but it still has all the other parts. It is much darker version, so best not play this in the dark !! But I really want this game too, so maybe I'll ask the kids to get it for me instead.

7. Real Baking Chocolate Pen
It is what it is. You melt chocolate, and add it to the pen capsule and then write. Super simple but will create hours of fun and creativity. 
8. Star Wars BladeBuilders Spin Action Lightsaber
If its Star Wars, its a winner in my house. Its yet another Lightsaber, but hey, its Christmas. My son loves them all. This one is mega cool though, because it spins!!!! Its great for role playing games and gets the kids running around practising special moves and tricks. 
9. Star Wars Interactech Imperial Stormtrooper
This guy is awesome. Hes only 33cm high, so he can held easily whilst running around. He has 65 different sound effects, and he uses motion sensor to respond to certain movements. This guy is not just any old action figure, this guy is a Stormtrooper !!! 
Or you could go better still and go for the big guy !! Wow !!!

10. Trolls Poppy Style Station
I have yet to actually see Trolls The Movie, but the trailer has won me over already. Poppy is just so cute, and when I saw her at the show, I knew my daughter would love her. She has loads of hair that needs brushing and styling, and she has lots of funky clips.

So what do yo think of my Wish List? Would you buy any of these too?