Renna's Discoveries: Emirates Airline in London

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Emirates Airline in London

If you are in London for the day, and fancy doing something different, yet exciting, and at a good price, you must give the Emirates Airline a ride. 

If you are visiting The Excel or The O2, then this is an absolute must, plus you get discounted tickets if you attending an event.
It's a 10 minute journey across the Thames, and its very slow so you can take in all the views of London. 
I've wanted to do this ages, and as we were visiting The Excel as a family, I just had to book this in as an added extra. It was less than £2.00 per person!! Bargain. 
I really wanted the kids to experience this, as when we do go on a ski-ing holiday, you go on a gondola every day to get to the top of a mountain to ski on, so this was a perfect practice experience for them.
Myself and my daughter were a little nervous before we got on, as .... obviously, it is Really high and you are floating over water, however.... its super safe and we all loved it. 

Have a look at their website : and make the most of your trips in London.