Renna's Discoveries: Foodie Gift Ideas

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Foodie Gift Ideas

Gifts for friends and family can be really difficult to choose, so I have started to do more Foodie Gifts, as this is always good fun, and will always be used.
I like to get a selection of different items that can be used for a cooking experience of different flavours or cultures. When people go shopping, they tend to stick with what they know or are comfortable with. So this way they can experience something new, or just try something different or even something that they really want to try, but dont think they can do it, like sushi for example. You can put everything in a hamper and it makes an amazing gift, and a thoughtful one, as you have chosen the food to be included yourself. 
Here's just a few ideas for you that can all be put in the same hamper or make them into smaller hampers for different people.
 Anyone that eats sushi, should try making it. Its fun, healthy, and actually isn't as hard as people may think. You can design your own and get really creative. Plus, little kiddy buddy chefs can join in too. Don't forget to add the wasabi and ginger too. Maybe you could add a tin of tuna and mayonnaise.

Clearspring Sushi Evening all bought from Waitrose is all really good and very easy to use. Cooking should be fun, so a sushi evening will bring the family together and they can have make them together and make different flavours. Sushi can turn out very colourful and of course, its healthy, so thats a bonus.

Alternatively, you can buy a selection from Yutaka of Sushi Ingredients or try something new like Katsu. This can be found in most supermarkets or specialised shops.
In the hampers, always remember to just include the dry ingredients. I say this, as one year, my friend gave my husband a present and didn't say anything about it, so of course I just put it under the tree and left it. Well after a while it did start to smell, but we didn't what it was or where it was coming from. Thank goodness it wasn't meat, but it was cheese......oh my.... it really smelt bad after a few days.
So for the katsu hamper, you can include the rice, curry sauce and breadcrumbs for their chicken. Its a lovely dinner, and not something people have often. You could also include a miso soup package for their starter.

Some people like everything Extra Hot, so their perfect present would be from Franks Red Hot, also from Waitrose that can be used on and with anything they like.

Another suggestion is to buy a selection from Scarlett & Mustard. They have many different sauces, marinades and curds. They have lovely gift sets that are ready for you to buy, or as I say, make up your own. Their gift sets are either a pack of two products or they have much larger gift sets with the whole collection of either their curds, marinades or sauces. The packaging is really nice, and these are fun looking bottles too. The extra bonus with Scarlett & Mustard is that every product is versatile and can be used in different ways. For example the Orange Curd can be used on its on as a spread, or you can mix it into a dessert or even a curry. Its completely up to you.

Foodie gifts supply a night of fun and new experiences with food. Give it a go!!!