Renna's Discoveries: The Perfect Cars The Movie Christmas Gifts

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Perfect Cars The Movie Christmas Gifts

My Son loves Cars The Movie, One and Two, and he loves playing with the toys that are associated with the films. We already have loads of the mini die cast cars. These are great value and not one of them have broken yet. These should last a lifetime. So as he loves racing these around, I knew he would love these two add ons. 

and the Disney Pixar Cars Toy - Mack Truck Playset - Lightning McQueen Story Sets - Rust-eze
which can be added onto to make a huge track if you like, or it can played with on its own. 
We all love Mack, and he can carry Lightening Mqueen anywhere he goes in the house.

He has a TV station, a washing station, a fixing station, and a sleeping section. Most of it moves around or up and down, and I'm pretty sure its very durable. We have had the first version of this, and a few of pieces went missing or broke off should I say. So they have obviously researched and produced a much better one.

My son is five and he has absolutely mastered the art of remote control cars. Which is a huge bonus, as Lightening McQueen is FAST!!! He is a proper race car and is brilliant on carpet. He goes round and round (or drifts...if you prefer) the make shift track my son builds him out of cushions or boxes or just any obstacle he can find to use. The control is the perfect size for little hands and is very easy to use.
Lastly, to finish off a Cars The Movie Christmas Hamper you can include a Duvet Set, so they can sleep with their heroes.

Do you children love Cars too ? What other toys would you recommend?

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* I won this hamper in a Sky Cinema UK Competition