Renna's Discoveries: Marshmallow Delights - Midnight Feast Ideas

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Marshmallow Delights - Midnight Feast Ideas

I love Marshmallows !! Small ones, Medium ones and Big Fat ones !!
I've always loved marshmallows (especially 'flumps' when I was younger) and I've been very experimental with them lately, but in an easy way. So I thought I would share with you my sickly delicious treats.
I love my marshmallows cold, but I feel that I can eat and eat and eat them, but when I melt them, I generally only have one..... for obvious reasons, unless I literally force myself to continue to eat it because it tastes so amazingly good..
These are very simple ideas / recipes... (great for midnight feasting!!!)

Get a Big Fat Marshmallow and add some chocolate spread on top, you can either spread it, or leave it as a blob and put in the microwave for 10-20 seconds (dependant on the size).
Then take it out and dip whatever you can find in slices, strawberries, banana slices, sesame snaps, cut up pieces of brioche buns...whatever, and just enjoy.
 Another way is to slice the marshmallows and then lasagna it with chocolate spread and then heat it up in the microwave

Get a Brioche Bun, chocolate chip are the best, but plain is fine too. Cut it in half length ways. Cut a Big Fat Marshmallow into round slices, and place these inside the Brioche Bun. If you want extra chocolate add some chocolate spread inside the brioche bun. Close the brioche as well as you can, and put it in a bowl and microwave for 10-15 seconds.
Take out and Eat in's so deeeeelicious!

Same as above, but with a croissant instead, but only do 10 seconds otherwise the croissant goes way to soft.

Get an oven proof dish and add chocolate chips all over the bottom...... or whatever thin chocolate you have.....flakes, wispas areos etc then slice Big Fat Marshmallows into rounds and place on top of the chocolate chips / chocolates and then place in a hot oven for ....about five minutes. Keep checking, as they will turn brown quickly.
Take Out and dip biscuits into it but don't tell anyone!!

Same as above, just layer it, like a lasagna of melted gooeyness. Oh My !!

I have seen this done with cookie dough on the bottom....I haven't tried it yet, as I'm scared I could possibly eat the lot.

Another way of oven cooking it in an easy way, is, slice up chocolate brioche bread and place around the dish, and then slice up some marshmallows and push the marshmallow in between the brioche pieces and then put it in the oven and wait for it all to melt and ooooooze. This you can just spoon out into bowls and eat with ice cream on top. You can also do this with croissants, this works well, as the croissants crisp up too.

Get a bread wrap and smother it in chocolate spread, then place two fat slices of a Big Fat Marshmallow on the edge. You can also add slices of strawberries or bananas on top, and then roll it up and tighten the sides so nothing escapes. Roll it up just like a burrito.
Add a small amount of butter to a frying pan..... and heat up. Then, with your mouth watering already, fry the burrito until crispy on the outside. You could even add cinnamon sugar to the inside and outside of the wrap to get it extra crispy on the outside.
Wow Wow Wow !!!!

Melt lots of chocolate slowly in the microwave (10-30 seconds at a time) and then use as a chocolate fondue and use kebab sticks to dip the marshmallows in it. Hey, you can go all out and then sprinkle fine coconut on top too !

If you have a firepit in the garden, everyone loves melting marshmallows over the fire. Just make sure you hold them on a long stick so your hands don't get burnt.
We use kebab sticks or a long BBQ fork.
So once you have a melted marshmallow, you can ...... eat it on its own, good luck with that......or you can put the marshmallow in between either
two chocolate digestive biscuits or
two rich tea biscuits or
two toasted waffles - this is the easiest way to eat it I've found

I don't mind marshmallows in my hot chocolate, but I don't really like it when they go soggy, so you have to eat them quick, unless you put a large one in there instead. Or you can be really disgusting and add mini marshmallows into melted chocolate and then slowly add as much hot milk as you like all whilst stiring and then attempt to drink it.

I did see recently that someone has produced marshmallow flowers that you put into your hot chocolate and then they open up (once the chocolate has melted) into a flower. How cool is that !!??

How badly is your mouthwatering now ????

If you have any suggestions for me, please do write them below - thank you.