Renna's Discoveries: My December Foodie100 Ranking

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My December Foodie100 Ranking

I thought I would quickly check my Foodie100 ranking out of curiosity and I am very pleasantly surprised.
In the month of December so far I am now 303. Although I am gutted that I didn't notice my November ranking. Oh My.....I cant believe I got passed the 300 mark and I didn't even realise....However, here's the proof

If you blog about Food Items and Recipes, make sure you sign up and be included.

They calculate your ranking score by calculating your Mozrank, Google links, Instagram, Klout and how many clicks onto your blog with the Foodies100 badge.
I don't do anything differently or special to try and increase my score, I just write what I want and have fun, but its just nice to know that I must be doing something right.......