Renna's Discoveries: January 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goodyfull Organic Superfoods Competition

There are many people that would like to try Superfoods and or high nutritional content foods, but have no idea what they are or how to use them. I know I was one of them....I'd never heard of chia seeds, acai berry, or goji berries a few years ago, and now they seem to be everywhere. What on earth do you do with them all?????? When you look at the aisles in the shops that are full of different seeds, powders, berries, it can be really quite overwhelming. Unless you know what to do with them it's very difficult trying to work out what is best for you, and then of course, you end up buying a massive bag of some seeds and then it ends up sitting in your cupboard until one day you may find a recipe that requires them.
Well this is where Goodyfull comes in. They are a company that sources high nutritional foods for you and then delivers them straight to your door, which is always a bonus. They are also packaged in a way that they will fit through your postbox too, so there is no waiting in for the postman.
They stock only organic products and of high quality.

To help you on your new healthy unknown journey, they have created the Goody Box especially for us. (Competition at the end !!!! )
In each box you will receive a 50g pouch of:

Chia Seeds, Cacao Powder, Goji Berries and Coconut Flour

In the box there will also be 5 Recipe cards to help you kick start your journey. Phew.....thank goodness. These recipes are easy to follow and you shouldn't need to buy too much extra for the recipes. 

Goodyfull can now be purchased on Amazon UK.

Goodyfull have very generously said that one of you could win a box to get you started. Please complete as many as the stages as possible. Each entry is worth 5 points. 




Tuesday, January 24, 2017

First Impressions of Xero Lipo

I went for a consultation at West London Dermatology Centre where they have the Cosmeditech Xero Technology and I have say that I feel very positive about it. The West London Dermatology Centre deal with fat reduction, laser hair removal, hair transplants, skin peels, acne, skin rejuvenation. Last year they took on Xero Lipo which is a new fat reducing and skin tightening technology. I have explained this all in a previous post. I am very excited about this, as I really wanted to try the skin tightening Xero RF.
I arrived a little late due to traffic and the parking machine not working so after running up and down the high street I finally found it. It has a side entrance so it is easily missed. However, it is based on top of Byron look for that.
So when I arrived for my consultation, out of breath ..... I met the lovely receptionist, Sandra, and she asked me to complete a medical form. Once that was all complete I was then taken into a treatment room by Rebecca De Rozario who performs many different types of treatments at the clinic. We discussed my lifestyle and food diary and then went through the treatment options and how they work. I felt completely comfortable with Rebecca and she sure did put me at ease. She is a lovely lady and we actually had a good giggle too. The RF skin tightening machine was out of the clinic on that particular day, however Rebecca suggested I try the Xero Lipo to see what I thought and how I felt with it on. 

Xero Lipo - Fat Reduction by using laser / bio-stimulation technology
This is the latest generation of Non-Surgical Biostimulatory which reduces fatty cells all by laser. The lasers will alter the fat cells to shrink and then disperse them to burn off instantly. There is no pain, no side-effects, no needles, no surgery

I have to admit I was a bit nervous, as I've never had anything like this kind of treatment before. However, Rebecca asked me to lie down on a bed and she strapped me up to the machine. You start by having the laser treatment and its actually two sessions of 13 minutes which focuses on each side of your belly so the whole circumference is covered and then you change the treatment to the stimulation part - or contractions as people seem to call it. 
Both treatments were actually comfortable and completely bearable. The first part feels like a warm water bottle on your belly that gets hotter and hotter, which is fine, and you really could have a quick nap whilst the pads are doing their work. So I would recommend taking a book or make sure your phone is charged and just relax. However, I really had to control my laughter on the second part as it tickled so much, so I spent most of that time trying not to laugh....

It felt like mini rollers going around my belly. You have rollers on the sides and then a roller that goes around the front of your belly area. It is most certainly not painful...
Once the treatment was over Rebecca unstrapped the pads and it was a really weird sensation. I felt really tight and like definitely had changed. Rebecca again looked at me and suggested again that I try the RF treatment to tighten up my skin as that is what I really needed. However, I did continue to feel tight for the rest of the day and even tighter the following morning. 
After this treatment I then went to spend some time with the personal fitness trainer Arleta Waszczynska. Arleta has years of experience and is an expert in body toning and reshaping, core strengthening and weight loss management. So Arleta will show you the best exercises to maintain weight loss and also encourage it further. We did a hard 15 minutes cardio session which resulted in me getting jelly legs, but I felt great afterwards and she taught me loads of new tricks.
She is going to send me a fitness routine so that I can continue using her methods. I will let you know what they are in due course. 

With the first session of Xero Lipo, from my calculations I lost 4cm from my belly area. So, If I continued to do 8 sessions.... just imagine what I could lose. I have seen videos of people loosing 6 to 8 cm in one session !!!! Rebecca will give me her results when I see her next as they have a different way of calculating what has been lost. 

What do you think ? 

I think....I am very excited to continue my Xero journey as I can not wait to see the final results. I will, keep you informed....

Have a look at their website West London Dermatology Centre and Cosmeditech to get more details and if you are interested, add your details and they will give you a call back to discuss your options. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Working In The Hospitality Industry

I used to work in hospitality, and I trained for it at college. The roots of hospitality go back to ancient times when a warm bed and meals were provided to those simply passing by. Though this may have started in a small room with only the necessities provided, it has now evolved into large-chain hotels with over 5000+ locations. Through the evolution of the hospitality industry, those looking for a vacation spot, business conference venue, or quick place to stop at on a road trip, are commonly looking for more than a simple meal and bed to sleep in; they are looking for an experience. In turn, people working in hospitality are in the business of making someone else’s day and making all feel welcome. According to the 2009 Trends and Statistics survey by the British Hospitality Association (BHA), around 1.9 million now work in the hospitality industry.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let's try XeroLipo....

Whilst scrolling through Twitter one day, I saw an advert for a brand new fat reduction and skin tightening treatment, and my eyes lit tightening....this is exactly what I wanted. So I started looking into XeroLipo which is a new generation of non-surgical treatments which can reduce fat cells and tighten skin.
I have spent the last year trying to get back to the body I had before children. Of course, most mothers find this really difficult, and well, some are just blessed and look amazing within weeks. I don't know how...they just seem to suddenly have smooth flat stomachs and are enjoying themselves on beaches in teeny tiny bikinis looking like Victoria Secret models......How is this possible? What is their secret, or are they just blessed?  Then you have the other side, where mothers will show off their wrinkly bellies after childbirth and are then extremely proud to show the world. I on the other hand avoided all photos, certainly didn't take selfies (still don't do it often to be fair). As huge as you get whilst being pregnant you go from having a beautiful tight bump to a deflated balloon stuck on your front. It was such a strange feeling of all of a sudden getting jelly was like having waves flowing over you. I couldn't wait for it to go, even if it did humour others.

CosmediTech - Xero Lipo - What is it ?

Cosmeditech has over 30 years of experience of the development of medical and cosmetic treatments. In only 2016 they released the latest in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Which is where Xero Technology  comes from - Xero Lipo and Xero RF. It includes laser and radio-frequency products that can improve how your skin looks and feels. It can also sculpt your body to way you want it...

Friday, January 06, 2017

Tealyra - The Galaxy of Teas

Tea !!! I've already had two cups of tea this very cold morning. I love to drink tea to warm up my body after a school run and to generally just relax with. 
Tea can also be used to aid in weight loss and detoxing and Tealyra have many to choose from.