Renna's Discoveries: CosmediTech - Xero Lipo - What is it ?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

CosmediTech - Xero Lipo - What is it ?

Cosmeditech has over 30 years of experience of the development of medical and cosmetic treatments. In only 2016 they released the latest in non-surgical aesthetic treatments. Which is where Xero Technology  comes from - Xero Lipo and Xero RF. It includes laser and radio-frequency products that can improve how your skin looks and feels. It can also sculpt your body to way you want it...

The Xero Aesthetic Technology includes:

Xero Lipo - Fat Reduction by using laser / bio-stimulation technology
This is the latest generation of Non-Surgical Biostimulatory which reduces fatty cells all by laser. The lasers will alter the fat cells to shrink and then disperse them to burn off instantly. There is no pain, no side-effects, no needles, no surgery....sounds to good to be true.

Some people really do struggle to lose weight or quite commonly, get to a point where the weight just stops shifting. This could be the answer for many of them. Or you get the people that can't find the time to exercise......yes I know, it sounds incredible...running up and down stairs is exercise, walking is exercise, but some people, just can't loose the weight, or maybe they really need to shift a few pounds for an important event but have run out of for example...Many people have medical issues which doesn't allow them to lose weight, or they have to take medication which unfortunately makes them gain weight. Everyone is different, and everyone deals with different body issues differently.

Xero Lipo + - Non surgical fat reduction, lymphatic massage and cellulite reduction
This combines two technologies. They will attach Pads to your desired area and with 38 low level laser diodes they can produce instant results. Yes.....Instant Results. A electronic massage in the pads alongside infra-red light will speed up lymphatic drainage, enhance blood circulation and remove the fatty cells in the treated area.
This has been clinical proven to be just as effected as actual liposuction. Of course, this doesn't just happen with one treatment, it can take up to 8 treatments (2 a week) to get your desired look, but its pretty much painless and there's no surgical aftercare, just exercise and healthy eating to keep it away. However, after just one treatment you will see a difference of up to 30% reduction in fat layer, which is about 2cm-4cm abdominal loss. The other bonuses are after your treatments, you are required to do a 15 minute cardio (exercise) in their own onsite gym and then that's are good to go.
This treatment has been used for many people already and has fantastic results. People have had their chins, upper arms, back, stomachs and upper thigh areas treated. So it can be used on many trouble areas for women and men, in a safe clinical environment with medical grade technology.

Xero RF - Radiofrequency face and body skin tightening
This is a multi polar radio-frequency that is penetrated into the skin. The heat from the treatment will cause collagen strands to contract and tighten and it can also accelerate fat metabolism to help shape the body too. The benefits of this treatment is that it basically brings cells back to life and they all come back together.....hence skin tightening.

Xero XL - All of the above Xero packages.

I think this is all very exciting. If people are unhappy with the way they look, they seek to find ways of making them feel and look better. Some people would consider this a quick fix for lazy people. However there are people that really do struggle to lose the weight so this is a perfect, pain free and quick alternative. Also for new mummies that feel the pressure to get back to how they were, or maybe not feel the pressure, but because they want to.

I am going to visit the West London Dermatology Centre to see how they perform the treatments and how it all works. I am very excited as it is one of the UK's largest private dermatology clinics which have many different treatments for skin and body.

Have a look at Xero Lipo from the British company Cosmeditech and why not request a call back to discuss possible treatments for yourself.

What do you think about non-surgical treatments and would you use Xero Lipo if you needed to?