Renna's Discoveries: Goodyfull Organic Superfoods Competition

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Goodyfull Organic Superfoods Competition

There are many people that would like to try Superfoods and or high nutritional content foods, but have no idea what they are or how to use them. I know I was one of them....I'd never heard of chia seeds, acai berry, or goji berries a few years ago, and now they seem to be everywhere. What on earth do you do with them all?????? When you look at the aisles in the shops that are full of different seeds, powders, berries, it can be really quite overwhelming. Unless you know what to do with them it's very difficult trying to work out what is best for you, and then of course, you end up buying a massive bag of some seeds and then it ends up sitting in your cupboard until one day you may find a recipe that requires them.
Well this is where Goodyfull comes in. They are a company that sources high nutritional foods for you and then delivers them straight to your door, which is always a bonus. They are also packaged in a way that they will fit through your postbox too, so there is no waiting in for the postman.
They stock only organic products and of high quality.

To help you on your new healthy unknown journey, they have created the Goody Box especially for us. (Competition at the end !!!! )
In each box you will receive a 50g pouch of:

Chia Seeds, Cacao Powder, Goji Berries and Coconut Flour

In the box there will also be 5 Recipe cards to help you kick start your journey. Phew.....thank goodness. These recipes are easy to follow and you shouldn't need to buy too much extra for the recipes. 

Goodyfull can now be purchased on Amazon UK.

Goodyfull have very generously said that one of you could win a box to get you started. Please complete as many as the stages as possible. Each entry is worth 5 points.