Renna's Discoveries: Let's try XeroLipo....

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Let's try XeroLipo....

Whilst scrolling through Twitter one day, I saw an advert for a brand new fat reduction and skin tightening treatment, and my eyes lit tightening....this is exactly what I wanted. So I started looking into XeroLipo which is a new generation of non-surgical treatments which can reduce fat cells and tighten skin.
I have spent the last year trying to get back to the body I had before children. Of course, most mothers find this really difficult, and well, some are just blessed and look amazing within weeks. I don't know how...they just seem to suddenly have smooth flat stomachs and are enjoying themselves on beaches in teeny tiny bikinis looking like Victoria Secret models......How is this possible? What is their secret, or are they just blessed?  Then you have the other side, where mothers will show off their wrinkly bellies after childbirth and are then extremely proud to show the world. I on the other hand avoided all photos, certainly didn't take selfies (still don't do it often to be fair). As huge as you get whilst being pregnant you go from having a beautiful tight bump to a deflated balloon stuck on your front. It was such a strange feeling of all of a sudden getting jelly was like having waves flowing over you. I couldn't wait for it to go, even if it did humour others.
I've had two wonderful children and I feel very lucky that I have had the opportunity to bring children into this world. However, with my second I had Excessive Amniotic Fluid - Polyhydramnios which resulted in myself getting very large in my last few weeks.
First picture is the 15th March 2011 and the second is the 24th March 2011. My baby was due the 10th April 2011. So when I went to see my midwife on my final appointment on the 1st April 2011, she took one look at me and called the hospital straight away for an appointment within the hour. She knew something was wrong, as I was way to big.  Turns out I was already 3cm dilated when I was checked at the did I not know this???? the nurse was completely confused and asked if I had felt anything.....In all honesty, I didn't, I was too concerned with getting to the hospital. So they got me ready to be induced so the labour came on quicker as the baby was obviously not in the best of places at that time.
I will never forget the doctor and midwives faces when they broke my waters and I literally flooded the room. The midwife needed a mop and bucket and loads of towels to clean the floor, it was everywhere. The doctor had never seen so much amniotic fluid come out of one person. Glad the husband wasn't there at that point - he was rushing around getting my bag, picking up our daughter from nursery, dropping her off at his mums and generally just panicking as I was early.
So after a scary and painful ride, my little man arrived, then that's another story.... it was touch and go, but our local Hospital in Watford are amazing. I can not praise them enough. The staff were all very hands on, and all so very lovely. The SCBU (Special Care baby Unit) department was the best. My son is alive and healthy because of the hospital. He is absolutely fine now and we took him home about 10 days after he was pretty much when he was actually due.

So lets go back to my I stretched out so much, so did my skin, so although I managed to loose weight fairly was a struggle and I either I didn't do enough exercising whilst loosing weight or I am clearly not blessed. So although in 4 months I managed to get back to a size 10, I had to wear spanx to hold in the extra skin.
So now almost six years later, although I feel good about myself in general and the skin has tightened a lot, its still something I'd like to iron out a bit.  People say that skin will tighten over time, but you know what, I don't want to wait any longer to see if its ever going to tighten up, its been long enough already. I've been more committed to exercise this past year and I think I've done great....for my level of fitness, but it is a long process. If I could get rid of the weight more easily I would have done it. Just wished I'd heard about XeroLipo before...

This is my friends hen do that I organised in July 2011, I chose 20's theme so we could all wear flapper dresses, perfect for hiding my belly. I was a bridesmaid for her wedding in September and she very kindly bought me a size 10 dress, although I asked for a size 12!! So under huge amounts pressure, I managed to loose enough weight to get into the dress...
 Then under further pressure from myself, this is my wedding day, a year after giving birth.
 Here I am in Paris July 2016.
However hiding under my high waisted leggings and dresses is still the little wrinkly belly.
It might not seem much to some, but to me....I don't want it and if I can do something about it, I'm going to give it a go.

So tomorrow I am going to CosmediTech in London to see how they can help me tighten my skin on my belly. I will let you know how it goes.....wish me luck.