Renna's Discoveries: Working In The Hospitality Industry

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Working In The Hospitality Industry

I used to work in hospitality, and I trained for it at college. The roots of hospitality go back to ancient times when a warm bed and meals were provided to those simply passing by. Though this may have started in a small room with only the necessities provided, it has now evolved into large-chain hotels with over 5000+ locations. Through the evolution of the hospitality industry, those looking for a vacation spot, business conference venue, or quick place to stop at on a road trip, are commonly looking for more than a simple meal and bed to sleep in; they are looking for an experience. In turn, people working in hospitality are in the business of making someone else’s day and making all feel welcome. According to the 2009 Trends and Statistics survey by the British Hospitality Association (BHA), around 1.9 million now work in the hospitality industry.
Here are some of the (many) positive sides of working in this particular industry:

You work to put a smile on someone else’s face.
When people stay at a hotel or plan an event at a venue, they are looking for an experience. No matter what hospitality position you are in, whether you are at the front desk or back office, your smile and goal to make someone else smile can make all the difference in someone’s day and leave them with a pleasant experience.

Heightened customer service skills.
Working to make sure people have a wonderful experience in your hotel significantly strengthens your customer service skills. Staying positive and putting someone else’s needs ahead of your own can often require a little more patience and empathy. Sometimes general misunderstandings or trying to help someone who is on a cellphone can get a little disheartening, but those in hospitality have unique interpersonal and customer service skills because of situations just like those. Not to mention, those who work in hospitality are generally extra polite and patient when the tables are turned because they know what it is like on the other side!

Flexible hours instead of a typical 9-5.
For some, the thought of getting out of bed before 8am is just not possible. And for others, the idea of working at 8pm instead of hanging out with friends just won’t do. Those in the hospitality industry benefit from shift work, which allows for flexible hours and a work-life balance.

Work with people-driven people.
Good-natured and people-driven people are the backbone of the hospitality industry, making it only natural that those with excellent communication and interpersonal skills get hired. Working in a positive environment surrounded by positive people is a major bonus of this industry!

Never have the same day two days in a row.
Working in hospitality will definitely keep you on your feet and you will never have the same day two days in a row. Whether it is working with different people or interacting with new clients or visitors, your interactions will surely be exposed to continuous change.

Acquire a global skill-set.
The skills that you gain working in hospitality will serve you well no matter where you are in the world. If you want to work in another country, having experience in hospitality will give you the transferable skills to find the same or similar job. People-driven people are needed in hospitality and other industries all over the world!  

With so many hospitality jobs out there, a couple of the best ways to put your foot in the industry is through word of mouth and recommendations, as well as keeping a look out for “We’re Hiring!” signs. A great online alternative is the use of tools like Jobrapido, which help match your particular profile to available jobs in your area or in an area with growth potential in the desired industry, like for example in the city of Dundee in this case (thanks to its £1billion waterfront project forecasted to bring hundreds of new jobs across bars, restaurants, hotels…etc.). Overall, those in the hospitality industry benefit from a great atmosphere surrounded by passionate people, all the more reason to check into opportunities now.  

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