Renna's Discoveries: February 2017

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch - London Tech City

I had the pleasure in staying at the M Hotel in Shoreditch London last weekend with a friend of mine Miss E, for very early birthday celebrations, as she will be away on holiday for mine. The M Hotel is part of the Montcalm Hotel group who now have six different hotels across London which are all luxury high class hotels at a reasonable rate. The first Montcalm Hotel was actually completed in 1973 and they have slowly increased to the six very highly ranked hotels of today.

The M Hotel is an absolutely incredible building. It's almost like an optical illusion when you are walking towards it. I still can't understand the building, as once you are inside it, its hard to work out how it all fits and how it doesn't feel like you are walking around a triangle.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

There's a new Popcorn in town - Ikorn - King Of Korn

There's a new brand of Popcorn in town. Ikorn - The King of Korn

I love popcorn, always have. In the winter months, I tend to stay in a lot more and chill out at home. So I like Movie Nights, and of course Movie Nights must require popcorn. It's just something that we've always had. Whenever you go to the cinema, buying popcorn just goes part and parcel. So it's now formed a habit that you need something to munch on whilst watching a film. Thank goodness popcorn is actually a really healthy snack, much better than snacking on countless amounts of chocolates. So .... bring on the popcorn !!! However, some brands like to coat the popcorn in caramel or toffee or even chocolate to be more like a sweet treat, which is ok in moderation, but some brands are so sweet and artificial it ruins the fact that it is a fantastic low calorie snack. Ikorn want to remind everyone that popcorn is a healthy snack and they can provide one of the best option for you as they only use Coconut Oil to cook the Popcorn in.