Renna's Discoveries: M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch - London Tech City

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

M Hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch - London Tech City

I had the pleasure in staying at the M Hotel in Shoreditch London last weekend with a friend of mine Miss E, for very early birthday celebrations, as she will be away on holiday for mine. The M Hotel is part of the Montcalm Hotel group who now have six different hotels across London which are all luxury high class hotels at a reasonable rate. The first Montcalm Hotel was actually completed in 1973 and they have slowly increased to the six very highly ranked hotels of today.

The M Hotel is an absolutely incredible building. It's almost like an optical illusion when you are walking towards it. I still can't understand the building, as once you are inside it, its hard to work out how it all fits and how it doesn't feel like you are walking around a triangle.
Amazing isn't it.... It's so different to any hotel I have ever stayed in. I have stayed in modern hotels but never in a new build like this.  We were actually staying at the top of the below picture, the two long windows at the top was our room on the 13th floor. It actually goes up to 17 floors, which is where the restaurant Urban Coterie is based. We had amazing views over London, and it was nice to be able to point out a few of Londons' famous landmarks like The Shard, St Pauls, The Gherkin etc

We arrived early so we could enjoy the spa facilities before going up to our room. A weekend away, means as much relaxing as possible !!!
There are two entrances, however the main entrance is to the side of the hotel on the left. We walked in... and we were already saying ..'Oh Wow' purely because it is so different. It is obviously very light with all the glass, but they have some really funky stuff throughout the building, whether it be statues, displays, the lighting. Everywhere you turn, there is something quirky to catch your eye. We loved it.

This spectacular displays of rings is in the ceiling by reception and its completely mesmerising as it glistens in the light. You could just sit and watch it for ages, infact you can sit in the Tonic & Remedy bar on the first floor mezzanine and just watch it shine. It really is stunning.

(Credit: Montcalm Hotel Group for the above bar photo)
The spa is on level -1, so it was an easy ride in the large lifts - bonus, as there are four lifts, so there was no fear of over crowding the lift. We walked into a very calm serene atmosphere and had a nosy around whilst the receptionist was on the phone.

They have plenty of Thalgo Products in stock, so if Thalgo is your product choice, you can pop in to buy it before stopping for a coffee in the Tonic & Remedy Bar. Also, if you haven't tried it, I would highly recommend it.
Once the receptionist was free she collected us robes, towels and slippers and then escorted us into the changing rooms and showed us around. She was so helpful, I didn't have any questions for her, as she had answered them already. So we got changed....and reeeeelaxed. Bliss.....

The changing rooms were small, but had everything we needed, and I seem to have got a fascination with the they were textured, so I was walking around running my hands all over the walls...I know its strange, but I liked it. You can see it in the I said previously, there are these little funky quirks all around the hotel.
The swimming pool area was really nice. Very clean and nice and bright. There is fruit infused water in the fridge that you can help yourself to.
(Credit: Montcalm Hotel Group for the above swimming pool photo - I couldn't get a photo as there were too many people enjoying the spa area)
As you can see there is a jacuzzi and a good sized pool with a huge tap on one end, which generally had a person standing underneath it, enjoying the blasts of water on their backs.
There is also a Steam Room, a Sauna and then you finish off in the Chillax Room - where it is cold. We had a lovely time just chilling out. It did get busy though, so as soon as we left our lounges, they were taken by someone else. So probably best to go in the morning or late afternoon instead of check in time.
So after an hour and half we decided it was time to leave and go and find our room. The lovely receptionist in the spa went to the hotel reception to get our key for us so we could walk straight up to our room in our bath robes instead of getting changed. Such a lovely touch.

So, here we are, on the 13th Floor in a Junior Suite. There's always that anticipation before walking into a hotel room isn't there? Is it going to be nice? is it going to be big enough? is the bed going to be big enough? is it going to be too cold, or too hot? and then you open the door and just hope that its better than your bedroom at home.

And then you get the big smile and then your jaw drops and then you do that silly little squeal and run around the room, saying 'oh my goodness, look at this!! and this !!! what's in there? oh wow' . So we did loads of that and then we finally chilled out.
P.S. the chocolate macaroons were exceptional. I wish I had another one right now, really soft, gooey and just like a chocolate brownie. Delicious !!

As this is Tech City, there were touch screens on each side of the bed to control the lights in the whole room, which of course I had a good play with, especially the mood light where the lights change colours, it also controlled the TV power, so when you're tired and cant find the remote control you can just reach over and turn it off. Also....the finishing touch is that it also controlled the curtains. Yes, it opens and closes them for you. Such a bonus when you're tired. They also provide you with a mobile phone that you can use when staying. This is great for corporate and international guests.

Here is just a part of our view.
Here is the bathroom, which was the perfect size and it had underfloor heating...bliss, especially after a shower (which was huge by the way).

Annnnnnd Relax.....Again

We went out for dinner later that evening to enjoy the sites of Hoxton and Shoreditch and had a fabulous time trying foods and looking at the wall art of Shoreditch.

For breakfast we went into Tonic & Remedy. We couldn't fill ourselves up as we had to get to the Excel for the Pro Beauty Exhibition and I didn't fancy getting across London on a very full belly, so we opted for a light breakfast including 2 glasses of champagne !!!! Why not hey ... no kids around equals mummy can have extra fun. 

 We had fabulous service and the team were amazing. They are all really fun guys and a true asset to M Hotel and Tonic & Remedy. Of course the food was so good, we had to go back for seconds however if we were spending another day of relaxing I really could have sat there and ate everything, it all looked and smelt so good.

I highly recommend M Hotel by Montcalm and Tonic & Remedy for a wonderful stay in London or just out for dinner or drinks. Tonic & remedy have plenty of tables for small networking lunches or get togethers, so its suitable for literally everyone.  
When I go back to dine in Urban Coterie, I will let you know how that goes too. 

Have you stayed in a Montcalm Hotel ? What were your thoughts?