Renna's Discoveries: Yerba Mate #yerbamatemission

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Yerba Mate #yerbamatemission

Wow, I've just been researching Yerba Mate and it's actually quite fascinating. Yerba Mate is from an evergreen holly tree that is grown in South America, and is widely drunk by....nearly everyone. They say it's a really healthy tea with the kick of coffee and gives you the feeling of chocolate euphoria.
It has some great health benefits such as hydration, metabolism boosting and stimulation. It sure does wake me up !! It also has more antioxidants than green tea....wowsers!!
Some people drink it with just water, others drink it with sugar in warm milk, and others blend it with other herbs or plants for flavour. Because of its popularity, there are a lot of companies out there are blending it into many different flavours and drinks for us.
Yuyo are now a company that started off with Rosie & Charles travelling across South America and fell in love with the culture and the food and drink on offer. When they arrived home, they wanted to experiment with yerba mate and see if they could make different blends that would cater for many tastes.
The leaves and stalks of the yerba mate plant are dried and packaged in small batches so that it is always the freshest they can produce.
So including in Yuyo's blends is Yerba Spice which includes ginger and cardamon. The blends are generally in teabag form to make it easier for the consumer. They also have a mint version, a grapefruit and rosehip version, and two types of a rooibos blends.
However, with just normal yerba mate, it is best drunk from a mateo and through a special straw called a bombilla. It is basically a metal straw with a small sieve at the end, so that you get all the great taste with no bits.

You just put a couple of teaspoons into the mateo and cover with hot water and leave for a couple of minutes and then drink it. It's quick and tasty. Although I actually prefer it with sugar or honey just to sweeten it up.  This is definately my favourite and quickest way to drink yerba mate. It's a quick pick me up at those slump times throughout the day.
The ginger and cardamon blend is really nice, I love ginger and this is full of flavour and gives you the same energy hit as the loose yerba mate.

 Another way of consuming yerba mate is chilled. I like to use my loose tea infuser and then put it in the fridge to stay chilled. This is actually really nice with honey and as I like to try new flavours, this put a different spin on it.
You can also include it in a smoothie. I infused the plain yerba mate and then put the strained tea into the fridge overnight ready for my morning smoothie.
I very simply poured it into my blender, added my frozen fruit option of the day, which today was Morrisons own purple smoothie mix, including strawberries, spinach, blueberries and avocado. I also added a whole banana too....why not ey.

Although the colour is not so attractive, it surprisingly tasted really fruity and the strawberries contributed a lot of the flavour, so I'm thinking that next time, I'll just add strawberries. You can add anything to it, as the yerba mate is the base...... bananas, dates, nuts and other super food powders work really well too.
If you are too busy to make your own, you can also buy sparkling versions of yerba mate with Virtue. They have two options at present, the lemon and lime and also the mixed berries version. These are great to take out for ease and also as an energy drink. It's all natural so thats always a bonus. They are not your usual fizzy drinks, and you can taste the yerba in it so the fruit doesn't disguise it in any way. Vitrue drinks are all sugar free with no calories. These are sold in many health shops and of course online.
Keep in touch with Yuyo Drinks and follow them on social media.
You can also follow Virtue Drinks and see if there is a nearby stockist.

Have you ever tried yerba mate ?

*Yuyo, my own, Virtue, PR sample