Renna's Discoveries: May 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Comedy Loft - Watford

Do you ever get to the point where you just don't know what to do over the weekend? You've finally got a Saturday free and you just want to go out and have some fun and let your hair down. But what ?
What if you want to go out with a group of friends, but you all want different things and you're really not too sure how to combine them all. Or what if as a parent, you just want to get out and have some Adult time, and only do what adults can do or hear.

Well The Comedy Loft is the perfect venue. This is strictly over 18's only. You can drink, eat and have sore cheeks from laughing so much then you can carry on the night with a disco afterwards. Perfect right ?

They have four around the country, in Birmingham, Reading, Camden and Watford so far. They are only a year old, and are celebrating their First Year Birthday Celebration on the 10th June 2017.
I have been to the previous comedy clubs in Watford but I hadn't been since it was taken over by The Comedy Loft, so.... I thought I would go and see if there had been any dramatic changes.

Every Saturday they have different comedy acts, so you could literally go every weekend and it would be different every time. They have the best of the up and coming comedy stars as well as already well known stars.
You can book your tickets online direct from their website or you can call the office and book if you have special requirements for a large group booking, or a hen or stag party.
Tickets are £15.00 - £17.00 per person depending on your seat choice. However the premium seats at £17.00 each are at the front by the stage, so these are not suitable if you wish to dine before the show. The party seating seats at £15.00 each all have tables so you can fill them up with all your food and your pitches of cocktails.
They do also have a concessions charge of £10.00 per person for Students, Armed Forces and OAPs.
In Watford, they open at 6.45pm so you have enough time to eat, and good old catch up before the show starts at 8.00pm. The bonus of The Comedy Club is that you can pre-order food and certain drinks. So, it saves a lot of time and it is all served to the table soon after you arrive.

This is Watford High Street, it looks really quiet - it wasn't, the pubs were already full on both sides, however Watford is a town that gets really going later on. So, if you don't like the crowds, you can get out and have a great night at The Comedy Loft and be home before the streets are full with party goers. Alternatively.... you can be there for the whole night and have a cracking good time.

The Comedy Loft is located at the top of the Walkabout Bar which you can go into after the show too. It's a great bar with great music so its well worth partying on afterwards.
As you go through the entrance to The Comedy Loft you have to climb the stairs to the reception area where you give your name and then you are signed in. The last entry time is 7.30pm as the show starts at 8pm and then it all finishes around 10.15pm ish ...
Once you are signed in, you can go straight to the Bar and order your drinks. There are two intervals throughout the show so you can order more later on, or you can buy all your drinks there and then, like me.
It is quite a dark venue with loads of spotlights, but this is obviously for the shows benefit. You are also not allowed to take photos whilst the acts are on, so I managed to get a quick picture of the stage area, but as it was so busy at the bar, I decided not to take photos of everyone else. However, it's a good size bar and the staff are super quick.
Here is the drinks menu to give you an idea of costings. I think it is very reasonable, maybe a little bit too reasonable, but hey, if you like your booze and a laugh, it's perfect.

Here is the Food Menu, which, don't forget can be pre-ordered. We didn't actually get any food, as we had previously eaten, however all the food that I saw come out of the kitchen looked good and only empty plates went back, so that's a great sign. There were plenty of Burgers and Salads, so these are clearly the firm favourites.
 So, once everyone is fed and seated the show begins.

Our first act was Jen Brister. She was brilliant, really relaxed on stage and came out with some eye watering funny statements. She was discussing her age (42) compared to her much much younger friends and social media in the world today. I would love to see her in a much longer show, she was so wacky and real, and actually, for me personally, she was my favourite out of the three acts. She has a child and was talking about the real parts of parenthood, that actually some parents really want to say, but only say in private. She's a lady that just not give a shit, she tells the truth and it is funny as fuck.

Then we had Stephen Bailey, who I recognised from the TV. He calls himself The Nations New Potty Mouth.... well, he most certainly is !!!! You know when you listen to comedy and you don't know whether you should laugh because its just so disgustingly rude, but it's so funny, you just have to. He likes to take his comedy very far beneath the belt, in all meanings. He was shockingly funny, and has the most amazing stage presence. I would definitely see him again. He was really good with the audience, and he even made a few friends with some of the guys. Including a young guy called Matt who was on the front row. Poor Matt, couldn't handle his beers so he had to leave early. Its OK, he got properly roasted for it too !!!

The final act was Sean Percival who has been all around the country since the early 90's. He is a very busy man, always doing shows, working on the radio and he.... well, he was real and upfront, he didn't leave anything to the imagination. He is loud and has a lot to say. My cheeks were so sore after listening to Sean. He just says it how it is and that's one thing I love about comedy, is when you can relate, even if its just a small way. He was well worth waiting for !!

I would happily see any of these comedians again, but I would prefer with more time. They are all individual and incredibly funny.

The Compere, Bennet Arron was also really funny, and really got engaged within the audience. So, if you are a person that doesn't like discussing their lives, don't sit in the first few rows !!!! He has plenty of incredibly funny life stories to share. He is definitely a Must-See !!
Bennett has actually just released his first romantic funny novel, which I was very lucky to get a copy especially signed for me, however I also got a spare one for someone to win on my Twitter Page. The link is below to get your entry in.
If you can not wait and love a great new read, Bennett is selling his book on Amazon. It has had amazing reviews from very well known comedians, I am so excited about reading this.

Click Here To Enter The Competition

It is a very simple Follow & RT Competition.
You just need to follow Myself, Bennett Arron & The Comedy Loft Watford to enter. It will end at 12pm on the 9th June 2017. A random winner will be pulled from a hat - literally, and I will contact the winner for their address details. UK ONLY.

I would highly recommend The Comedy Loft for a great night out and I'll be crying with laughter.

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Gauntlet Games

In just a month I will be completing the Gauntlet Games in Trent Park near London with a few of my best mates. We completed Rough Runner last year which was so much fun and a great excuse to try and attempt a bit of running and strengthening up the muscles.
When I saw The Gauntlet games advertised, I thought it would be perfect for us, as we're up for a laugh and we don't all take the fitness side of it too seriously..... as in, most of don't go to the gym, we like keeping fit and making the most of what fitness we can do, but we're not marathon trainers.
It sounds so much fun, and as it's purely for a laugh, everyone of any fitness level can do this.

Its a 5km run with all the obstacles but if you fancy doing a 10km run you can do all the obstacles twice. Which is a huge bonus, as obstacles don't always take a long time to do, so its great to get the chance to do them again, so you can try and perfect it and to get even wetter !!!
They will have giant slides, balancing obstacles,  jumping obstacles and the good ole monkey bars too.

Here's the route :

Looks awesome doesn't it.

They also have them planned in Cardiff, Brighton & Manchester so get yourself signed up for a laugh and also to raise money for charity.

Hope to see some of you there !!!


All Photos are from The Gauntlet Games Website

We did it !!! It was so much fun, but it was hard for me to "run" the 10km, as I'm definately not a runner, so I probably walked half of it, but without having my phone to track me, I have no idea. 
We were very fortunate to be sponsored by IKORN - , you can read a previous blog post about them Here
From the warm up to the obstacles to the end it took two hours. Here's just a few of my photos of the day.

This is my friend actually saving me on the seasaw, as I wobbled and grabbed her, thankfully she is strong enough to support me aswell. That's teamwork for you !!
 I cheated on the wobbly bridge, and decided to sit and slide.... it worked though. Although I did fall in at the beginning and at the end !! There was no way I was going to run across without falling in.
 Woohoo !!! Finished with a smile still on my face !!

So which obstacle course do you recommend for next time ? 

Xero RF Treatment Experience

I wanted to let you know how my Xero Lipo sessions went at the West London Dermatology Centre in Chiswick. I completed a session a week, although it is recommended to have two sessions a week if you can.
Xero Lipo is a non-surgical treatment that will literally burn fat away and the Xero Lipo RF is the skin tightening treatment. I had both treatments as they are for a combined result.
To be fair I didn't really need to burn any fat as I am a slim size 10 / size 8, but I wanted to tighten my skin on my belly area due to being extra stretched whilst pregnant and the possibility of loosing weight too fast years ago.

So after my consultation with Rebecca de Rozario and my first experience of the Xero Lipo, I got myself booked in for the skin tightening treatment Xero Lipo RF when it was back in the centre.

All treatments are comfortable and very bearable. There is absolutely no pain involved, yes, there is a slight discomfort and uncontrollable laughter from it tickling you, but I certainly wouldn't say there was any pain.
Stage One: Fat Reduction by using laser / bio-stimulation technology
The lasers alter the fat cells to shrink and to disperse them so that they burn off instantly. This is a very comfortable procedure and the best way to describe it is having a hot water bottle on your belly area.

Stage 2: Lymphatic Massage
This is an electronic massage to speed up lymphatic drainage, enhance the blood circulation and to remove the fatty cells in the area. This also contracts the muscles to enhance and tighten them, so it is like doing abdominal exercises whilst lying down relaxing.
This is the only part of the treatment that may give some people discomfort as it contracts but ultimately, it is not painful at all, and I personally had to control the giggles until I got used to the feeling.

Stage 3 : Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
This is multi polar radio-frequency which is penetrated into the skin. The heat from the treatment will cause the collagen strands to contract and tighten. The benefits are that this treatment basically brings the skin cells back to life and to encourage the skin to tighten. This is a paddle which is rubbed over your desired area for the full time. You need a lot of gel poured on your skin to make the process easier which is really really cold, and then the paddle warms up to a very high temperature and then the whole area is massaged. Its actually a really nice experience. Plus you get to have a great chat with the person performing the treatment and get healthy eating and lifestyle advice. Then you also have lunch or dinner ideas !!!

Here is a video of part of my treatments to give you a better idea of what to expect. 

Once all my treatments were complete I was actually quite saddened as I was really (and still do) going to miss the ladies in the clinic, especially Arleta , who is the personal trainer at the clinic.
She gave me some wonderful advice and worked me hard after my treatments. She taught me some great new exercise moves and really boosted my home workouts. Plus..... she gave me some brilliant ideas for food and how to improve my diet.
Contact Arleta through her social media platforms for fitness advice and a healthy nutrition plan. Here is her website and her Facebook Page.

Here is the West London Clinic, so you get an idea of how calming and relaxing it is.

Results are different for everyone, but I would highly recommend it. I had a great experience and I would definitely do it again on different areas of my body. Now I just have to stay exercising to keep up the good work that Arleta has performed.

Contact West London Dermatology Clinic to get yourself booked in if you are in the London area, alternatively you can contact Cosmeditech for your nearest Xero Lipo Clinic.

Thank you to all of the Team, I will see you all in the future !!