Renna's Discoveries: Xero RF Treatment Experience

Monday, May 22, 2017

Xero RF Treatment Experience

I wanted to let you know how my Xero Lipo sessions went at the West London Dermatology Centre in Chiswick. I completed a session a week, although it is recommended to have two sessions a week if you can.
Xero Lipo is a non-surgical treatment that will literally burn fat away and the Xero Lipo RF is the skin tightening treatment. I had both treatments as they are for a combined result.
To be fair I didn't really need to burn any fat as I am a slim size 10 / size 8, but I wanted to tighten my skin on my belly area due to being extra stretched whilst pregnant and the possibility of loosing weight too fast years ago.

So after my consultation with Rebecca de Rozario and my first experience of the Xero Lipo, I got myself booked in for the skin tightening treatment Xero Lipo RF when it was back in the centre.

All treatments are comfortable and very bearable. There is absolutely no pain involved, yes, there is a slight discomfort and uncontrollable laughter from it tickling you, but I certainly wouldn't say there was any pain.
Stage One: Fat Reduction by using laser / bio-stimulation technology
The lasers alter the fat cells to shrink and to disperse them so that they burn off instantly. This is a very comfortable procedure and the best way to describe it is having a hot water bottle on your belly area.

Stage 2: Lymphatic Massage
This is an electronic massage to speed up lymphatic drainage, enhance the blood circulation and to remove the fatty cells in the area. This also contracts the muscles to enhance and tighten them, so it is like doing abdominal exercises whilst lying down relaxing.
This is the only part of the treatment that may give some people discomfort as it contracts but ultimately, it is not painful at all, and I personally had to control the giggles until I got used to the feeling.

Stage 3 : Radio Frequency Skin Tightening
This is multi polar radio-frequency which is penetrated into the skin. The heat from the treatment will cause the collagen strands to contract and tighten. The benefits are that this treatment basically brings the skin cells back to life and to encourage the skin to tighten. This is a paddle which is rubbed over your desired area for the full time. You need a lot of gel poured on your skin to make the process easier which is really really cold, and then the paddle warms up to a very high temperature and then the whole area is massaged. Its actually a really nice experience. Plus you get to have a great chat with the person performing the treatment and get healthy eating and lifestyle advice. Then you also have lunch or dinner ideas !!!

Here is a video of part of my treatments to give you a better idea of what to expect. 

Once all my treatments were complete I was actually quite saddened as I was really (and still do) going to miss the ladies in the clinic, especially Arleta , who is the personal trainer at the clinic.
She gave me some wonderful advice and worked me hard after my treatments. She taught me some great new exercise moves and really boosted my home workouts. Plus..... she gave me some brilliant ideas for food and how to improve my diet.
Contact Arleta through her social media platforms for fitness advice and a healthy nutrition plan. Here is her website and her Facebook Page.

Here is the West London Clinic, so you get an idea of how calming and relaxing it is.

Results are different for everyone, but I would highly recommend it. I had a great experience and I would definitely do it again on different areas of my body. Now I just have to stay exercising to keep up the good work that Arleta has performed.

Contact West London Dermatology Clinic to get yourself booked in if you are in the London area, alternatively you can contact Cosmeditech for your nearest Xero Lipo Clinic.

Thank you to all of the Team, I will see you all in the future !!