Renna's Discoveries: Lumity Life - Anti-ageing Supplements

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lumity Life - Anti-ageing Supplements

Anti-ageing supplements, do they work ? Lumity claim they do. Lumity capsules are supplements that are full of nutrients to help you glow from within.
They have been specially designed by scientist Sara Palmer Hussey PhD, who decided to design a special formulated anti-ageing remedy that is suitable for everyone and will benefit the way the body functions for years and years as well as how it appears.

Life has its ups and downs, which can be stressful. Some people seem to spend their lives working overtime which can cause lack of sleep. Tiredness can then cause a whole load of new problems with our bodies and our skin. I know a lot of people who work work work, they then go to the gym or similar, but although they eat healthily they still feel exhausted. So as much as we don't like to admit it, sometimes we really do need the extra help. Supplements are the perfect way to get all those extra nutrients and vitamins and minerals into our bodies that we use up just by being tired. Our bodies have to work even harder when we are tired to just get through the day without passing out at our desks.
Sara Palmer Hussey PhD has spent years formulating the perfect blend of high quality ingredients to encourage our bodies to stay youthful and well rested. We are all growing older, and we want it to be a positive step but we want to do it with as much energy as possible.

The Key Benefits of Lumity are :
Healthy Skin & Nails
Vitality & Brain Health
Keeping Bones Healthy
Immune Support
and it also contains extra vitamins that help absorb all the extra goodness that Lumity Capsules contain.

Lumity has been designed so it can be taken in the morning and at night time. This way your body will benefit with the correct nutrients at the right time of day.
You take 3 morning capsules each morning and then 3 night capsules before bed. The morning capsules encourage collagen promotion, detoxification and oxidative repair, and the night capsules stimulate the release of human growth hormone to restore your body's tissues.
 The capsules are really easy to swallow, so much so that I've literally swallowed all three in one gulp of water and the bonus is that there is no taste to them.

There is also the bonus that they are caffeine, dairy & egg, gluten, nut and wheat free.
Many people have been trialling Lumity and 87% of the women have seen a significant reduction in skin roughness and dullness and an improvement in firmness and overall appearance of their skin. There are also many women who have already been taking them for months and have seen and feel a huge difference within themselves and their appearance. Including the beautiful Helena Christensen who is now Lumity's brand ambassador.
I had the chance to trial them for a month and I would have loved to have continued to the recommended three months. I certainly did feel a small difference within myself just in the first month alone.
Depending on where you purchase them, the price varies from £76.50 to £90 for a months worth of capsules. If you subscribe to you can get a new pack every month with free shipping too. However, if you wish to trial them for a month with no obligation to continue the price is at £90.00.

I would definitely recommend looking into Lumity if you wish to try supplements, and have the budget .... and an added bonus is that the bottles look pretty too.

Have a look at their website for more details and let me know what you think.