Renna's Discoveries: Arthur Price & The Minions - Despicable Me 3 Collaboration

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Arthur Price & The Minions - Despicable Me 3 Collaboration

Buying keepsake gifts for children can be really hard. You want to be able to buy them something that they can keep forever, so toys are not always an option. So what kind of items would you buy ?
When I think back to my childhood and what I still have now ..... 20 to 30 odd years later, I  have plenty of soft toys that are now in my children's room, jewellery, that are either sitting in a box or my daughter has them and I also have a few plates. Now, plates is a strange one, but I'm still using them. Ok I use them for side plates instead of dinner plates, but they are mine and I have kept them. So, whilst thinking of keep sakes for my children I came across Arthur Price as they do special cutlery for children that will last a life time. Infact, all of Arthur Price's products are amazing. They have over 100 years of experience of designing the most exquisite cutlery for the family home as well as for hotels and other hospitality establishments. They are stylish and timeless, and will literally last a lifetime. They sell many different styles of cutlery and collaborated with the likes of Sophie Conran, whom I absolutely love.
So for the children, Arthur Price has many choices of cutlery sets that range from £14.99 to £49.00 or alternatively, they do individual spoons from £3.50. However, my little man loves the Minions, and thankfully Arthur Price have collaborated with Despicable Me.

I absolutely love this set. Apart from the fact that it is TOP QUALITY, it is super fun and will encourage any fussy eater to sit at the table and finish their food, just to get to the pictures. They are beautifully presented in their very protected boxes.
They are light to hold, so even little hands can carry these with no problem, and they really are of the top quality. This is fine dining for children! (Or adults.... its up to you)
You can buy these individually, or as a complete set, its up to you. The prices range from £8.95 to £24.95
The set is called 'Sea of Minions' as the items are literally covered in minions which any minion loving child will love.
The Sea of Minions 4 Piece cutlery set is £24.95
The Sea of Minions 2 piece set - Mug & Bowl is £17.95
The Sea of Minions 3 piece set - Mug, Bowl & Plate is £24.95
Or if you decide to go individually
The Sea of Minions plate is £9.95
The Sea of Minions bowl is £9.95
The Sea of Minions Mug is £8.95
I do have to say, that if you are buying for an adult, the plate and bowl is perfect for a breakfast collection and the mug is the perfect size for an espresso....

These make for gorgeous keepsake gifts and with Christmas coming up.... any minions fan will love them.

Have a look at Arthur Prices Website Arthur Price - Despicable Me 3 and also have a look at his other collections for other ideas.
They supply full sets, perfect for any new home or wedding gift too, or just because you love someone. Why Not ?

If you have an Amazon Account, there are quite a few Arthur Prices products on there. Click here to get your gifts quickly....remember its less than 100 days until Christmas !!