Renna's Discoveries: Hunkemoller Bloggers Collection with Caroline Einhoff

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hunkemoller Bloggers Collection with Caroline Einhoff

You know when you get really excited over a brand, and you just want to shout it to the world....?? Well, I'm shouting about Hunkemoller. It's an online store with the most amazing and gorgeous lingerie and nightwear, however they also have fitness clothing and collections too. Now, the fabulous part is that they also have Bloggers Collections.
They have collaborated with Caroline Einhoff who is a successful German blogger with over a million followers on Instagram. Caroline is stunningly beautiful with a fabulous figure and of course she is extremely photogenic. She has designed a wonderful collection for Hunkemoller, all very feminine too.... lots of pink !!
As much as I love her collection, the first item I am going to tell you about is her bag. Now, obviously we all need a bag to put her other items in, so that's why we are starting here. Plus, I needed a large bag that is comfortable and useful whilst out and about with two kids..... but doesn't look like a Mummy bag.
Beautiful isn't it. I absolutely adore the colour, as it's not my usual colour for a bag but, it's just so pretty and I knew I could share it with my daughter too. I love the fact that it is soft and padded and it's incredibly secure. It has a zip at the top, which is then connected to clasp at the bottom of the bag, which gives it a really cool design, but it also makes it perfect for your treasured items inside of it. You have to undo the clasp to get bag fully open. So when you are in busy places, there is no risk of anything falling out, or a wandering hand going in. The one thing that I was surprised by, is that the opening of the bag once the zip is fully open is still quite small, so, it really is a clothing bag, it's not really suitable for putting large books or a laptop in there. Ipad yes, but you will struggle with anything large and solid.
 The straps are really comfortable, even if they are not padded too which I was very surprised by. I do have to admit, even though the bag is huge, it really isn't heavy and the straps make it really comfortable, to the point that you actually forget the bag is on your back until you knock someone over with it..... whoops.
The other bonus of it being padded is that everything inside is protected for any knocks or when the bag gets thrown on the floor after a long day out.
Now to start of with, once it is ordered online, it arrives very quickly in a good size box and it is in a plastic bag. So I did think, that if I bought this as a gift, I could literally just wrap the box up and is done. Christmas made easy !!!

So to give you an idea of size, here it on me at the Natural History Museum in London. I'm only 5ft tall and a size 8 so you can see how big it is. In the bag at this particular time, I had two coats, hats, scarves, gloves, my jumper, lunch for 3 and my essentials. Amazing hey, and you wouldn't even know it, well certainly not by holding it.

As you can, someone thought they would photobomb my photo, but actually it was perfect, as you can see the size difference too. This really made me laugh when I saw it. I'm a typical mum, and end up carrying loads of stuff for the kids if they don't have their own bags. I don't mind if I have a good bag myself and it's not heavy.
Hunkemoller and Caroline Einhoff have also collaborated with fitness clothing as explained earlier, and these clothes and a towel will fit beautifully together for those spa or gym days. You can actually see these items on Carolines Instagram Page and order them from the Website - Hunkemoller.

Have a look and let me know your thoughts. I now want the whole collection, I just love it.