Renna's Discoveries: Peace Hospice Care Charity Events

Friday, November 03, 2017

Peace Hospice Care Charity Events

I know a lot of people that enjoy doing charity events, whether it be running, walking, cycling or obstacle events. It's something that a lot of people enjoy doing as well as having fun, and getting fit and it's all for such great causes. Personally I would love to do more events or walking exhibitions. I'd love to walk through Vietnam, or the great wall of China, or even the coastal walk around the Isle of Wight. There are many that I would love to do and I have spent a few years looking around at really good ones where I don't need to raise a couple of grand before I can even consider doing the event. Obviously, if I had the funds myself I would do it with no questions asked. The other consideration is time. When my children are a bit older I would be more willing to leave them for a few days so I can go off on a charity adventure.

One of our local charities The Peace Hospice do many events throughout the year that cater for all ages, and all abilities.
Here are a few of their up and coming events:
4th November 2017 - They will be collecting money at Cassiobury Park Fireworks Show in Watford. This show is absolutely incredible and The Peace Hospice will have volunteers there to collect donations from everyone when they enter the park.
11th November 2017 - Yogathon in Watford is a great one for all yoga lovers. Obviously, this event is also for anyone and everyone that wants to give Yoga a try. It is three sessions, and you can choose to do one, two or all three of the sessions. 45 minute Bikram Yoga, 45 minute Vinyasa, and a 45 minute Yin session. It is based at Fitness4Less in Watford and starts at 2pm. The suggested donation is £10 per session.
18th November 2017 - The Wishing Well Live Music Event. They have arranged for 3 bands to entertain you all for a fun night. All of the bands have donated their time for free so that all the donations received on the night will go towards The Peace Hospice. They have The Alternative Rhythm & Sound Experience, The Racketeers and The Visitors joining them for the night.
11th March 2018 - It's the London Bridges Walk. This was so popular last year, that they have decided to do it again. It is a family friendly 10 mile walk crossing 12 bridges in the heart of London. It starts at 9.30 at Battersea Parks Pagoda and ends at 4.30 at Tower Bridge. There is not set time this walk should take you and you can just take your time or rush it, its up to you. There are plenty of museums and other iconic landmarks to see enroute so it makes for a really fun family day out. Adults are £18 each and children over 5 are £10 each.
16th March 2018 - Strictly Come Hospice. This has proved to be very popular with Watfords locals. This event actually starts in January and you are given seven weeks of dance lessons and then perform at Watersmeet Theatre in Rickmansworth in front of a large audience of 500 and the judges themselves. The Registration fee for this is only £25.
They have a few other crazy events for next year for the more adventurous of us. Trekking in Cambodia, Snorkelling with Sharks, Tandem Skydives and Wing Walking - on a flying if you are brave enough search the website and get your registered.

They also have NightLight Walks which I have done in the past and will do again and I really want to do Push it For Peace next year which is an inflatable obstacle course in Cassiobury Park in Watford. I missed it this year as I already had plans, but .... I will have to keep it free for 2018.  

The reason why The Peace Hospice is such a special charity is because they care for all patients that have a life limiting illness. They make the last few days, weeks, or months the most comfortable they can in any way that they can and they also help whilst people are getting treatments for cancer and other life changing illnesses. They have meditation sessions and group sessions for family members as well the patients themselves. They are an incredible team who have a very difficult but very caring job. They are our hidden heroes and they are all angels

You can always find out more about The Peace Hospice Events by calling them on 01923 335373 or checking the website.

Another thing to remember that as it is a charity, you are always more than welcome to organise your own events on behalf of The Peace Hospice and they will help you where they can. Alternatively, if you just want to donate then you can do this direct on their website.