Renna's Discoveries: Why incentive travel can be such a great reward to offer your staff

Monday, November 20, 2017

Why incentive travel can be such a great reward to offer your staff

Everyone wants to feel appreciated, and every business owner wants a team proud to work with their company. And this is exactly the kind of thing that incentive travel is perfect for —One grand gesture to reward your staff and leave them motivated and refreshed.
So, with that in mind, here’s a little on why using companies such as Corporate Rewards to organise and offer incentive travel to your staff can be such a great idea.

Exotic destinations

Everyone has one of those destinations in their mind whenever the topic of a holiday comes up – those one or two places that they’ve always wanted to visit, but never had the time or opportunity before.
Well, maybe one of the ways you can organise incentive travel is to circulate a very short survey on holiday destinations and activities amongst your staff, perhaps asking them for their top three holiday destinations. Once you’ve got all the responses, you’ll be able to tally up the destinations and decide on a destination that your staff will love.
If you really want to emphasise incentive travel as a surprise reward, maybe avoid mentioning that aspect entirely, instead calling it “market research”, for example. Doing something like this will help guarantee your staff really appreciate both the reward and the surprise element of incentive travel.

Any reason

On top of that, you don’t need to give any specific reason why you’re offering such a great reward to your staff. Whatever reason you want to offer it is all you need. Have you had a really tough period, but your staff rose above and beyond to see you through it? Have you just won a new and really lucrative client that will massively benefit your business?
This is another way incentive travel can be so interesting; if you think something deserves rewarding, then reward it! Whatever it is that deserves rewarding, and whatever it is you reward them with is entirely down to you.

Keeping the team happy and motivated

Incentive travel is a pretty extravagant gesture to offer staff for their hard work. But that’s exactly why it’s such a great way to reward your staff. Having an invested, happy, and motivated team can help keep your business as successful as possible going forward by ensuring that your team are always willing to work at the best of their abilities.
It’s not to say that incentive travel is the only way to reward your staff. You’re more than welcome, and encouraged, to make staff feel like part of a corporate family rather than “just” employees throughout the whole year and in a variety of ways.
The main thing to keep in mind is the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ angle of incentive travel, and how you can fully plan the entire holiday to fill it with memorable and unique experiences that will stick with your staff for years and years, while also leaving them immensely refreshed and rewarded, ready to push your business further on their return.

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