Renna's Discoveries: Summit to Eat - Freeze Dried Food Perfect for Camping

Friday, January 05, 2018

Summit to Eat - Freeze Dried Food Perfect for Camping

Summit To Eat - Says it all really. Food that can eaten anywhere at any time, even in the highest mountains or by beautiful lakes or on a campsite on a hiking trail. I've always wanted to do long hikes, whether it be around the UK or abroad. However, I did wonder about food, and what kind of foods I would have to take with me to keep my energy up. The other thought is the weight of the food and whether it needs to be cooked, or warmed up or even made from scratch. If it needs to be made, how much water will be required to make the food? There is so much to think about, so I thought I would trial Summit To Eat to see what one of the options is like. I have of course, tried a few meal replacement drinks that only require water and a shaker, so I am well aware that water is hugely required for a lot of food items when out and about. Summit To Eat is all Freeze Dried food. So you just need to add Hot Water and then wait. Most of the packs say approx. 10 minutes, so you just need to boil up some water and pour in the desired amount and then carry on doing whatever you need to do, and in 10 minutes, you have a meal. Although, even after 10 minutes, its still really hot, so it could take anything between 8 and 20 minutes before you actually eat anything. The bonus part is that it's all hot, so if you are in a cold environment, Summit To Eat is perfect.
They have so many wonderful choices, so there is literally something for everyone. All meals are designed to completely fill you up and are all nutritionally balanced and with natural ingredients. They have breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert choices, all from £4.50 to £5.50 each unless you buy them in bulk or a special kit collection that they have.

Here is their collection with how much each pouch weighs, how much water will be required to make the dish and how many calories each pouch / meal has.
Morning Oats with Raspberry - weighs 91g, 225ml water required, 449kcal
Scrambled Eggs with Cheese - weighs 80g, 260ml water required, 469kcal
Chicken Fried Rice - weighs 121g, 350ml water required, 510kcal
Salmon & Broccoli Pasta - weighs 117g, 280ml water required, 545kcal
Vegetable Chilli with Rice - weighs 136g, 350ml water required, 603kcal
Macaroni Cheese - weighs 112g, 175ml water required, 539kcal
Pasta Bolognaise - weighs 136g, 360ml water required, 545kcal
Beef & Potato Stew - weighs 118g, 360ml water required, 527kcal
Chicken Fajita with Rice - weighs 128g, 275ml water required, 499kcal
Chicken Tikka with Rice - weighs 126g, 350ml water required, 546kcal
Rice Pudding with Strawberry - weighs 86g, 155ml water required, 404kcal
Chocolate Mousse with Granola & Cherry - weighs 97g, 145ml water required, 416kcal
Custard Apple Crunch - weighs 87g, 220ml water required, 447kcal

Sound good don't they? In the collection kits they also have extras that you can add to these dishes or have on their own.
Vegetarian Festival Kit for 2 days @ £19.50 includes : Macaroni Cheese, Scrambled Egg with Cheese, Morning Oats and Raspberry, and Vegetable Chilli Rice
Festival Kit for 2 days @ 19.50 includes: Chicken Tikka with Rice, Scrambled Egg with Cheese, Pasta Bolognaise, and Chicken Tikka with Rice 
Summit Tasty Selection @ £49.50 includes all the above dishes apart from the Vegetable Chilli and the Apple Crunch.
Fruit Selection @ £9.95 includes blueberries, raspberries, and sliced strawberries.
(These are great as a snack or sprinkled over your breakfast or desserts)
Vegetable Selection @ £9.95 includes diced mixed peppers, caramelised red onion, and sliced green beans. (These are perfect to add to your meals to give them extra nutrition and flavour)
Cheese Selection @ £10.95 includes Grated Cheddar, Parmesan and Mozzerella. Perfect for sprinkling over any of the main meals and scrambled egg.
Another bonus is that each pouch is bright, waterproof and batter proof so don't be afraid of ruining what's inside, as you just can't. Plus its freeze dried, so it will be fine anyways. Each pouch doubles up as a bowl, so no need for extra items in your backpack.

I tried out the Vegetarian Festival Kit and the Fruit Selection.
The pouches do look quite big, but they really don't weigh anything and you don't need any extra bowls or plates so once they are squished into a bag they are fine.
Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of their appearance. Everyone has different taste expectations, so I think it is a good idea to try these out before you go on a trip and then at least you know which flavours are your favourites and only take those.

Macaroni Cheese
Scrambled Egg & Cheese

Vegetable Chilli
Fruit Selection

So what you do you think of the appearance so far ?
My favourites out of what I've tried is most definitely the morning oats with raspberry, and the macaroni cheese purely because the flavours are what I eat at home already and they are both creamy and full of flavour. The vegetable chilli was too spicy for me personally, but it has great reviews from anyone that loves spice, and the scrambled egg was not my thing, but then I eat eggs a lot so my expectations are very high on egg flavour. The Fruit Selection kit is brilliant. they all taste sweet and make a great snack, as well as adding to plain porridge if you required.

I still need to try a few other flavours so I know which ones are my favourite, so the next ones I'd like to try are the Chicken Fried Rice, Salmon & Brocoli Pasta, Beef Stew, Pasta Bolognaise, Rice Pudding with Strawberry and the Custard Apple Crunch.  

What do you think ? Would you take dishes like these if you were staying out under the stars?

You can buy them easily through Amazon too, although they are different prices, so make sure you check before buying.

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