Renna's Discoveries: Ideal Fitness Website & Protein Shakes - Designed by Women for Women

Saturday, February 03, 2018

Ideal Fitness Website & Protein Shakes - Designed by Women for Women

Fitness websites and protein shakes are everywhere. So much so that it can be quite overwhelming if you're trying to work out which brands to try, and what you actually need to buy starting or continuing your fitness journey. It really does depends on what your goals are though, are you just getting fit and healthier or are you training for the marathon or training for bikini contests by heavily weightlifting.
A lot of people I know want to get fit for health reasons, but also, a lot of people I know have had children and after years of running around after the children, they are now taking time out for themselves and living a healthier lifestyle.

I have tried quite a few protein based shakes for after workouts or just to stop me from snacking late a night. However I've incorporated protein shakes into my fitness lifestyle. So I have a shake daily and I vary it up by changing the flavours, or adding fruit. I also use a variety of milk alternatives, as well as milk and water, so it's rarely the same shake. I don't go into a gym as I do all my workouts at home, so I have a nice collection of fitness toys and some workout clothing from a variety of brands.

A new brand I'm trying is IdealFit. They are a company that have workout fitness clothing that has been designed by women, for women. So the fit is going to be perfect. They believe in empowering women and pushing women to do and be their best.
On the website, they sell protein shakes for fitness and also to help loose weight. Ideallean stock whey protein, BCAAS and Pre-Workout. They are all there to support your fitness and weightloss goals.
The pre-workout is fuelled by Green Tea which a natural caffeine source which helps you exercise more and loose weight quicker.  Then after your workout you would take BCAAS to help you gain muscle.
They also have a Vegan Range which is a blend of hemp, pea and rice proteins. So there is something for everyone.

The flavours include:
Chocolate Brownie
Strawberries & Cream
French Vanilla
Mint Chocolate

 Each serving is 30g and 22g of that is protein if it is made with the 200ml of water as recommended.

The clothing looks really comfortable, have a look, but these are my favourites. I love the pattern on these.
IdealFit also have fitness challenges on their website for 15 days or 6 weeks. So they will also help you on your journey by exercise and food recommendations. 

I've been tasting their protein shakes and I have to say.... they are Really Smooth. Great tastes and and good combination of flavours. Even the shaker produces the beautifully smooth shakes. I hate lumpy shakes, or gritty shakes and these are not. They could almost be described as perfect. The shaker is actually an all in one for you because it has several compartments where you can store your powders, locker keys, tablets and other supplements.

Very Pretty In Pink !!
Have a look at their website and see what you think.
To start you off, you can buy the mini bundle where you can try the protein whey for a package price 

Definately one of the best tasting whey's I've had !!