Renna's Discoveries: Papa John's Takeaway Pizza

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Papa John's Takeaway Pizza

Sometimes, I really can't be bothered to cook or I'm on my way home and want to eat as soon as I get in, so a good takeaway is always an option. This is rare in our house, but Pizza is such a good takeaway and easy. Plus everyone likes it, so it's easier to share. You can order it on your way home so you can eat pretty much 5 minutes after stepping through your door.... Bliss !!!

Papa John's all started when John Schnatter starting making pizza in his fathers tavern in 1972. By 1985 he had saved so much that he was able to open his own restaurant in Indiana. In the next few years, he sold franchises and in no time at all, he had 100 Papa John Restaurants. In 2001, he started the online sales, so people would order online and then collect their pizza or have it delivered, this sent the sales soaring, so now in 2018, he now has over 200 restaurants in the UK alone.

The success comes from the dough. Papa John's dough is made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and is all made at their Head Quarters and sent out to all the Papa Johns Restaurant, so where ever you go, it will always be consistently good and tastes exactly the same. The other bonus is that only fresh ingredients are added on top. So you know that when you collect your pizza, it is all made and cooked especially for you.

Just to tempt you, have a look and click the links to order !! I like to make it extra quick for you.
They have a special campaign where they would love to see your pizzas on your social media. So all you need to do, is order your pizza, take a photo, any kind of photo, you can make it as fun or as artistic as you like and tag Papa Johns and #PJWOW

Have you tried Papa Johns ? What do you think. I love it - it's a cheat treat for me and great for a family night in or movie nights at your friends. Who's Hungry ?