Renna's Discoveries: The Spice Pioneer

Thursday, February 08, 2018

The Spice Pioneer

One thing, I have always been uncertain with when I'm cooking, is Spices. What are they? what do they smell like? why are there so many ? What spices go with what meal? and the good ole, "oh no I've added too much spice now what do I do?"

There are so many amazing dishes out there to make and a lot of them include some kind of spice or several spices and there's always the dish that have spices that you've never heard of so therefore you don't have it. So you think it will be OK and you subsitute the spice for another. But really, unless you know your spices you have no idea.
Thankfully there are recipe books to help us, but an even better service is now available for us - Spice Deliveries !!!
The Spice Pioneer delivers a box of spices for a well know recipe from somewhere exotic and all you have to do is buy the main parts of the dish and make it. Sounds simple doesn't it, well, it is !!
It is a monthly subscription package that fits perfectly through your letterbox. Then wait for it to arrive and travel to another country in your own kitchen.
Open the box to find a selection of spices and the inspirational reasoning behind the particular recipe, as well as memories of the spice pioneers travels.

The recipe cards are of amazing quality which you can wipe them clean and store for future cooking. This is the start of your culinary spicey experience.
Each card has the recipe broken down into steps for you to follow. The timings have all been figured out for you, so if you do exactly as the card says, everything will be ready all at the same time.
 The cards even break down what shopping you need to do. This is cooking at home but creating amazing delicious dishes that I wouldn't even attempt on my own. I felt like the card was my teacher. As you can see, it really is easy and they've made it as simple as possible.
 So once I had figured out what I needed to buy and what I already had at home, I went shopping to get the remaining ingredients and decided to throw a watermelon in with it too. I wanted the kids to join in with our dinner so I added it as I knew they would eat that instead of the oranges. But this is the bonus of it.... you can add what you like, or change something to suit you. You can change fish to chicken, or change chicken to mushrooms, it's up to you, this is your spice journey !

 So, then I just followed the incredibly easy instructions and went for it.

 Here they are, all complete and ready to serve, smelling delicious.
I did all this with the help of my young daughter. We prepped everything together and basically shared the cooking experience. In fact.... I think she could have done this by herself as it is so easy and the instructions are explained and broken down so well that even a kitchen virgin would be able to make this. I loved this experience, as it opened my eyes to different flavours and I realised how easy it can be.

What do you think ?

It tasted amazing, even if I do say so myself. It was very sweet with the apricots, so the amount can be changed to suit you. The kids really liked it, but my hubs prefers more savoury food, but thats OK, as he can make up the next spice box which is a spicy curry from Sri Lanka - Galle.

The Spice Pioneer is £8.33 per month. It does sound expensive, but you are paying for the experience and lessons in cooking as well as the actual spices so I think it's worth it. It's great for when you are entertaining guests or just for your normal dinner at home.

I really enjoyed this experience and I thank Spice Pioneer for creating such a fabulous idea.