Renna's Discoveries: Valentine Gift Ideas with GiftsOnline4u.Com

Friday, February 09, 2018

Valentine Gift Ideas with GiftsOnline4u.Com

Valentines Day is just around the corner, the day of Love. It's like Christmas all over again for some. What do they get? How much should they spend? What kind of present will they be expecting?
Do you have a romantic night in, or do you brave the restaurants and try and get booked in somewhere? If you are into valentines Day and the whole concept of it, then you need to be prepared. You need to get a gift where you've actually thought about it, you can't just grab something quick, as they will know.
So the best gift is a personalised gift. This way you have shown thought, and you've actually spent time on the gift as well. Even if you haven't engraved it yourself. I myself love personalised gifts, purely because of my name. It's not a name where I can walk into a shop and find a mug or a pen or a key ring with it on it already. Of course I love my name for that very same reason, and I know quite a few other people with names with slightly different spellings to the norm so they have to get items personalised for them too.
I was asked to have a look at GiftsOnline4u online shop, where everything is personalised. I sat looking through everything for almost an hour as there were so many amazing items for sale. So then I had to start really thinking about what would be the best gift that I could personalise and also for it to be a forever gift that had meaning behind it. I also wanted something a little subtle too. So I suddenly remembered what I loved as a child that I held close to me. A Locket. My mum bought me a gold locket (which I still have of course) and it was just about big enough for a couple of photos of my dogs - don't forget that many years ago, all photos were printed in a shop, so I couldn't digitalise photos to fit, like we can now. Anyways, so my doggy pictures fit the best at the time.
Myself and the hubs don't really do Valentines, as such. We buy each other gifts throughout the year, have days out and on the odd occasion we'll go out for dinners on our own. Now the kids are older, we have nights out more often. Anyways, so I don't feel the need to buy him a gift - he has me, that's good enough.
So then I thought, I'd get my friend of many many years a Valentines Gift. She's single at the moment and works very hard so I thought I would treat her.
GiftsOnline4u have a choice of three lockets.
I really loved the heart shape necklace locket, but I wasn't actually sure if she would wear it , or whether it would end up hanging on a jewelery tree as a decoration. So then I thought of practicalities. A key ring is something everyone needs and uses so, then I was left with only two to decide from. That was easy.....she loves Hearts. 

On the GiftsOnline4u webpage, it is really easy to add your order and your personalised words - now be careful, because once you've confirmed, you can't normally change it unless you are super quick. Think carefully about what words you want to use. I was trying to be cute and clever and then in the end, I thought simple and to the point is best. The locket is 5cm across, so there is plenty of room for beautiful clear pictures. So whilst you are waiting for the delivery, you have a couple of days to choose the right photos. 

As you can see, it is mirrorred as well, so this doubles up as an actual mirror - perfect for a quick make-up touch up.
I love this. I was super pleased with my choice, its a great size, it's good quality and will look good on a handbag or with the keys.
My only query with it is, will it get scratched easily, only time will tell, but least I know it's been used...

Other ideas of gifts that I considered are :


They are all so lovely, it really was a hard decision, but at least I have ideas for birthdays and future gifts. I love the bracelet too - next time I think !!!
My chosen gift is £22.99 at present, and GiftsOnline4u have a wide range of gifts with different budgets.