Renna's Discoveries: Why have CCTV ?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Why have CCTV ?

Do you think having CCTV is a good idea or a waste of time ? I have this discussion quite a lot with different people, as there are ongoing break in's and motorbikes being stolen in the UK all the time. I would be absolutely devastated if anyone broke into my house. There's not much to take, but its just the fact that someone has been going through my personal belongings that would make me feel really uncomfortable and actually... a bit violated.
I used to get quite a few people come to my door trying to sell items or to promote a charity and I really hated the fact that I was stuck in person trying to get someone to leave my property because I wasn't interested in their product. They would put on the hard sale and I hated it. This is my own personal space and they are invading it. Unfortunately some door to door salesmen just don't seem to take no for an answer. There are also the threat of distraction methods, where someone would knock at the door and strike up a conversation whilst someone is trying to break in around the back of the house or something else just as sinister.
After explaining to my husband about the amount of people that knock on the door whilst I'm home alone he decided there was only one way to solve this problem and that was CCTV that he could log into at anytime via WIFI so he could see who was coming to the door and at what time. So we looked into lots of different options. A great idea is to have a Panasonic Motion Sensor . This is part of a package where you can install CCTV and the Motion Sensor around your home, and if the motion sensor is triggered by any movement, you get a notification on your phone or IPAD - whatever your account is on, so you can have a quick look at the cameras to make sure everything is OK, or to make a note of the time a parcel was delivered. You can also see who knocks at the door and at what time. This also helps if you want to avoid answering the door - you know who's there before you've even walked up to it.
 Being a blogger and having a husband that loves ordering from Amazon, we also get a lot of parcels and if I'm not in, they are left in my porch, along with my neighbours parcels if they are not in. I have a secure porch and they do not, so I get all the parcels. I don't mind, unless they need signing for....
However, now I have CCTV, I know for a fact that if anyone were to take the parcels, I would know exactly who it was and when it was delivered. My neighbours are fully aware of this and they are happy to, especially as my CCTV also covers their driveways too.

I do think it is worth every penny to make sure your home is safe and secure. It's a great feeling knowing that when I am out or away, my house is still secure. When we had builders in the house during some renovations, and the doors were unlocked and there were tools all over the place, I felt happy knowing that everything was being recorded and I knew when they were in the house and when they left. It could seem a bit sneaky, but I also knew that they were not sitting on their arses all day drinking tea when I wasn't there. So having CCTV whilst you're having house is having work done, just makes sense.

Another surprise is that I don't get many people knocking on my door anymore. It has actually made a massive difference.... I hardly ever get door to door salesmen. I don't know why, but if I do, they spot the camera and they accept my..... sorry I'm not interested very quickly. They never used to. I don't know why, but I very rarely get anyone knocking on my door asking if my driveway or windows needs cleaning. I really wish I had CCTV when a man came to my house and asked if he could clean my driveway and when I said no, he called me a dirty bitch and I should be ashamed of myself... The ironic thing was that I had just got out the shower, with my hair dripping wearing just a bathrobe... Now if I had the CCTV then, I would have seen who was at the door before rushing downstairs and getting abuse. I would absolutely recommend that everyone get some kind of CCTV at your home, even if it is just to see who's at the front door.  I love mine.

What do you think ? Is CCTV worth it ?

*This is a sponsored post but all words are my own.