Renna's Discoveries: Graze Snack Boxes

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Graze Snack Boxes

I love snacking throughout the day, as much as I shouldn't .... but I have got much better with my snacks and thankfully, I joined the Graze monthly subscription to help me stay on track. 
I have signed up to receive a discovery box every two weeks with a suprise selection of Graze snacks.
The kids are also in love with Graze. They absolutely love the snacks, so much so that I've had to order bulk packs of their favourite snacks so we can all share. Because, quite frankly, it's really annoying when your kids keep eating your treats. Graze offer over 100 choices of sweet and savoury snacks so there really is something for everyone. 
With the discovery snack boxes you can leave it up to Graze to choose what to send you, or you can go through each one of their snacks to let Graze know if its an option for you or not. Each item has a nutritionist approved badge to state, whether it is a source of protein, how many calories it has, whether its a source of fibre, and how much protein is in the snack and a few others. 
They make it so easy online, so you are never disappointed. For my deal, I got my first box for free then each box is £3.99 afterwards, apart from your agreed free boxes, like your 5th and 10th. However Graze have a few different deals throughout the year so you need to look into which one works for you. One thing I do love about Graze is that they are a great company for loyalty. The longer you stay with them, the more special offers and rewards they give you. They offer half price on many bulk boxes, or free items, they even offer money off vouchers. 
Have a quick look at a variety of Graze boxes that I have received. As you can tell.... I prefer the sweet options !!

They offer boxes to suit vegans, pregnancy, paleo, post workouts, oat based, protein based. In my discovery boxes I have really enjoyed trying all their wonderful flavours and goodies, and I will be continuing my subscriptions. I had to buy loads of dipper boxes for the kids as they love them, and my next bulk buy will have to be the cake and tea...Oh wow, these little gems are just delicious.

My referral deal is 1st Box Free, and then the 5th and 10th is also free - you just need to add my code when you order RENNAC5WB. 
I think it's definately worth a try, and buying the subscriptions is cheaper than buying Graze in the shops ..... 
Click below to start your Graze Journey.