Renna's Discoveries: Ugly Drinks - Fruit Flavoured Sparkling Water

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ugly Drinks - Fruit Flavoured Sparkling Water

Ugly drinks have nothing ugly about them, they are literally just a sparkling water fruit drink with no added ugly nasties. That's it !!! There's No Sugar, No Sweetener, No Calories, No Nothing, and it's all natural oils or flavourings from the fruit the water is infused with. 
I love the bright funky packaging, and the way ugly is written. It's fun and inviting. I also love the fact that all the cans are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again and again, so it's great for the environment and its healthy for us too.
There are four Ugly Drink flavours at present, Lemon & Lime Ugly, Orange Ugly, Tropical Ugly and Triple Berry Ugly. Something for everyone. 

 There are four flavours at present, Lemon & Lime, Orange, Tropical and Triple Berry.
The flavour is very subtle, almost like an after taste of fruit, but very refreshing served chilled, and perfect for these hot days, or an after workout drink to cool you down. They are fine for everyone in the family and are great for those people who just can't stand water ..... you can even give these to the kids in their packed lunches with no guilt attached. No nasty E numbers and no nasty chemical sweeteners.

Ugly can be bought is many health shops and Tesco's and Sainsburys, and you can also buy online on their own website.
However, prices seem to vary depending on where and how you buy Ugly.
Ugly Website : 24 Cans in a box are £19.99 which works out at 83p a can
Amazon Website : 24 Cans in a box are from £22.00 which works out at 91p a can
Tesco: 6 Cans in a box in Tesco supermarket for £3.99 which works out at 66p a can.
Individually, the RRP is 99p
So, I would suggest that you try it and then if you enjoy it, buy it direct from Tescos.
If you are a sparkling water lover, then I would definitely recommend in tasting this and letting us know your thoughts unless you are already an Ugly addict !!

Best part....It's a London Drink, and all made and produced in the UK.

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