Renna's Discoveries: October 2018

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Phoenix Fitness & Peach Bands - Workout from Home, what else have I got ?

A while ago I told you about some Phoenix Fitness toys that I have at home, so I thought I would let you know what other toys I have. I love buying fitness items for at home, as I absolutely hate the gym and to be honest, I just don't have the time, so I'd rather do all my exercising at home or in the woods or the park as there's no extra travelling time and I like working out with a friend or with the kids or I'm walking the dogs at the same time.
I keep all of my fitness goodies in a large hamper in my lounge so I have easy reach of them, however the Pull Up Bar is outside !!

Let me show you in detail what I have and what I still need to get !!!!
I wrote about these items previously, so have a quick read of them if you like HERE
The Phoenix Fitness Ab Roller - only £7.99
The Phoenix Fitness Light (Green) Resistance Tube - only £4.99
and a Phoenix Fitness Pedometer - only £7.99

My newer toys include
The Phoenix Fitness Medium (Grey) Resistance Tube which I love. You can stand on resistance tubes or loop them around something strong and just pull. Great for the arms and back strength. This is only £4.99. So I think I'll get the next strength up too.
 I now have two Phoenix Fitness Kettle Bells. The 4kg Green Kettle Bell for when I'm feeling delicate and the 6kg Grey Kettle Bell for my normal days. I love swinging these and lifting them. They are great for toning and strengthening. Phoenix Fitness sell them up to 20kg, so they have a weight to suit everyone. They are £10.99 to £48.99. I'd like to get the 8kg and the 10kg one next.
The mini dumbells are actually from Aldi when they had loads of fitness items in store. they don't sell them anymore, but Phoenix Fitness do, so I need to get the whole collection.

I love my Weighted Hula Hoop. It is great for trimming the waistline and strengthening your core. This is adjustable, so you make it large or small, depending on your height. Mine is as small as I can get it. This is only £13.99 and actually really easy to use once you've mastered the hula !!
The trampoline was second hand from someone who used it once, however I think these mini trampolines or boogie bouncers are brilliant. Amazon has a similar one HERE. Yes, they are large, and take up space, but if you use it regularly or have kids, just leave it out and it will encourage you to use it more. Everyone can bounce whilst watching TV or you can find great boogie bounce fitness videos on YouTube. 
This is a video that I've used in the past. She's awesome !! 

You can even do a boogie bounce holding mini dumbells or wrist or ankle weights for an extra workout. Put the music on loud and have a boogie !!

I have a Balance Board which I love using whenever, wherever. It's great for your knees and ankles, and for your general core strength. It's only £9.99 and is well worth having and I also have the double handled Pilates ring, which is great for all sorts of resistance, and core strength aswell as back strength. This is £10.99
The other extras are all my resistance circle and stretch yoga bands which I love to increase my strength and flexibility and just basically mess around with.
For my achy days, I use the Deep Tissue Massage Roller, this is great for lactic acid build up in your legs or just for a lovely massage, it's quite versatile and very light. This is £21.99
The remaining items that I really want at present are the Medicine Balls, the Lifting Bags, heavier Kettle Bells and the mini dumbells.

I have tried the whey protein which is delicious and really smooth so I would also highly recommend that if you need a new supplier of whey. This is on the website with other supplements.

I have seen Phoenix Fitness items in TKMaxx and The Range aswell, so if you pop in, you might be able to grab some really good bargains.

The newest item into my fitness box is the Peach Band which is awesome. It's to improve your glutes, and make your bum look amazing and to increase muscle mass. The quality is incredible and it doesn't matter how tall or short you are, it is suitable for everyone, and an extra bonus is that it comes with a workout suggestion for you. This is only £14.99 and well worth it !!

Buy it Direct  or from Amazon. I love the logo too ...... pretty sweet hey. 

I still need to get a few items, but on the whole I'm happy with my home fitness collection. Is there anything that you would recommend that I should add or even try out ?

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Whitworth Shots - Dried Fruit & Seeds Energy Boost

If you need snacks on the go, there are plenty to choose from but anything with nuts in, are a great option. I like to have snacks in my handbag so if I'm feeling tired or just a complete lack of energy, I can perk myself up quickly with something healthy. Nuts, dried fruits, and seeds are amazing as an energy boost. This is why, Whitworth have designed these little Shots, that you can take with you everywhere.
They are all less than 100 calories, so a great way for calorie counters to keep track, however the sugar content is very high in all of these packs, but these are natural sugars so they are good sugars, hence why they are great for an energy boost. 
You can buy Whitworth Shots in most supermarkets and health shops so you can pretty much grab them anywhere. However, if you shop online, Amazon have a great selection of Whitworth products. 
I use Whitworths for snacking and baking as they have a very extensive product line and include all kinds of dried fruits.

The shots come in a variety of flavours:
  • Berry & White Chocolate
  • Toffee & Pecan
  • Fruity Biscuit
  • Raisin & Chocolate
  • Orange & Chocolate Seed
  • Blueberry & Seed
  • Tropical Coconut
  • Date & Toasted Almond

Have you tried them ? What do you think ? My friend absolutely loves the Toffee & Pecan ones .... it sorts out her sweet tooth throughout the day.  If you're not keen on dried fruits, they do also have Nut Shots !!! That's the great thing about Whitworths, they think of everybody !!