Renna's Discoveries: July 2019

Monday, July 22, 2019

Human Food - Organic Meal Replacement Bars

Meal replacement bars, are getting everywhere at present. We are all trying new things and trying to see what foods are better for the environment. Human Food is a new company that has launched purely because of the success of a Kickstarter campaign. Which means to means that it must be an already popular product.
Human Food is a sticky bar that has been designed to be completely plant based, so it is suitable for absolutely everyone. The professionals have also certified Human Food as the first complete meal replacement bar. So they say to forget the others that you've heard about as those are designed to keep the hunger pangs away, however Human Food is full of all the good stuff as well as filling you up as each bar contains 100% of your recommended intake of vitamin B12 and at least 50% of RI of all the other essential vitamins and nutrients.

Human Food is delivered straight to your door and because of the success of the Kickstarter, it is now available to Everybody. It has proven popular with sportspeople and medical experts, which says it all really. I like the way it is delivered and it can all be recycled.

Human Food was founded by Ky Wright who spent 4 years designing the recipe and getting it just right. He had help from Dan Reid and Dr Hamel Kamil who are experts in their field.

Ky Wright started by designing smoothies but then thought that he needed to design a product that could store well, be used in different recipes, and can also travel well. So, a bar is the perfect option. It is great for taking on hikes, when you only have a small amount of space for food, its also great for keeping in your gym bag or overnight bag. A bar just make sit all the more convenient for people. It doesn't take up much room and there's no cooking or electricity required.  Unless , you wish to make it into a smoothie, which you can. They other benefit is that if it does get squashed or somehow broken up, it really doesn't matter as it will just all stick back together again.

Human Food is only available via a subscription service at present, however I am sure, they'll be in health shops in the near future.

Now, Human Food, is not a cheap option, but a convenient one.

I got myself a taster pack of three bars which costs £12.30 plus postage. A Two week trial taster pack which has 10 bars is £33.00 plus postage and once you are ready to commit, a subscription pack of 20 bars will cost you £66.00 free postage.

The three bars , Red, Green and Yellow all have the same ingredients apart from one difference.
Organic Hulled Hemp Seeds
Organic Dried Banana
Organic Dates
Organic Apple Juice from Concentrate
Organic Hemp Protein
Organic Sunflower Seeds
Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Figs
Organic Dried Apricots
Organic Cacao Powder
Algae Extract
Organic Puffed Quinoa
Organic Mulberries
Organic Maca
Organic Quinoa Sprout Extract
Curry Leaf Extract
Organic Ginseng
Organic Mushroom Extract

Red Bar - Organic Goji Berries
Green Bar - Organic Spirulina
Yellow Bar - Organic Turmeric

So each bar is absolutely crammed with Iron, Omega 3, Calcium, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin B12.

Pretty impressive hey ??!!

So the ways Human Food advise to consume the Human Bar is on it's own, however, you will need a glass of water and a piece of fruit. Alternatively , you can use a whole bar and make it into a smoothie. Although I do have to say, I think half a bar is perfectly enough in a smoothie, so you can make it last longer. Or you can break it up into pieces and add to your muesli or porridge. It's up to you.

I made a smoothie, and I'm not going to lie, I actually completely forgot about food for hours, as I was so full.

200ml Milk
200ml Water
1/2 Bar of Red Human Food
4 Frozen Strawberries
and Blitz.

I did have to blitz for a lot longer than normal as the bar doesn't break down that easily, but when we finally got there it was lovely and smooth.

I would recommend Human Food for anyone that wants to cuts down on food waste and lead a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it is expensive but, it is all organic and natural, plus its suitable for all kind of diets, be it Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, it has something for everyone.

Taste wise, I found them all very strong, certainly nothing bland here. However the goji berry was my personal favourite as its sweeter than the others.

Have a look at their website and let me know what you think. Are Meal Replacement Bars for you ?

Monday, July 15, 2019

The New Smol Revolution - Delivered to your Door !!

I have just heard about a fantastic new company that distributes laundry tablets and dishwasher tablets on a weekly, or monthly basis for a really good price.
Smol is delivered and the box is so small, it will literally fit through your letterbox. The other bonus is that is is all recyclable. The capsules are packaged into plastic sleeves, as they have yet to find a cardboard version that is as safe as the plastic sleeves. The industry ensure that all companies have child safe packaging which is difficult to get into. But, they are working on it. So in the future, the whole lot can be composted.

Smol has been two years in the making. They have tried out many different combinations and is now happy to inform you that Smol uses less chemicals that many other brands and it will cost you less money. The plus side is that Smol is just as good if not better than other leading brands, so at least you know you are getting an industry tested product that has been approved by quality standards.

I have used both the dishwasher and laundry capsules and they are both really good. Everything comes out clean and sparkling. Stains are gone and I know that I will never run out.

If you want to try a free trial, then have a look at their website and get yourself signed up. I have, which is great, as it means I'll always have a supply at home.

Smol Products Free Trial