Renna's Discoveries: The New Smol Revolution - Delivered to your Door !!

Monday, July 15, 2019

The New Smol Revolution - Delivered to your Door !!

I have just heard about a fantastic new company that distributes laundry tablets and dishwasher tablets on a weekly, or monthly basis for a really good price.
Smol is delivered and the box is so small, it will literally fit through your letterbox. The other bonus is that is is all recyclable. The capsules are packaged into plastic sleeves, as they have yet to find a cardboard version that is as safe as the plastic sleeves. The industry ensure that all companies have child safe packaging which is difficult to get into. But, they are working on it. So in the future, the whole lot can be composted.

Smol has been two years in the making. They have tried out many different combinations and is now happy to inform you that Smol uses less chemicals that many other brands and it will cost you less money. The plus side is that Smol is just as good if not better than other leading brands, so at least you know you are getting an industry tested product that has been approved by quality standards.

I have used both the dishwasher and laundry capsules and they are both really good. Everything comes out clean and sparkling. Stains are gone and I know that I will never run out.

If you want to try a free trial, then have a look at their website and get yourself signed up. I have, which is great, as it means I'll always have a supply at home.

Smol Products Free Trial


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